Protest at La Palette

A group of about 20 enthusiastic supporters protested outside La Palette restaurant in Toronto on Monday, February 20th for 3 hours, during the early afternoon.  As the streets filled with people and cars on the busy Family Day holiday, everyone passing the restaurant saw signs promoting Bill C-322, the horse anti-slaughter bill, as well as messages that horsemeat is unsafe for human consumption.

Dozens of signatures were gathered for Bill C-322, and the vast majority of people, including drivers who honked their horns in support, agreed that horses are sport and companion animals, and that the consumption is horsemeat is unacceptable in our society.


  1. Elizabeth Jones · ·

    Kudos to all the protesters. There needs to be a national (Canadian and US) petition started to send for all citizens to sign and return to these slaughter houses and the Federal Canadian and US government to stop Horse Slaughter for any reason. HORSES ARE NOT LIVESTOCK – THEY ARE DOMESTICATED PETS AND RACEHORSES. They have served man loyally for centuries from the beginning of time. They have transported us, they have helped save us from disasters, they have befriended us and they trust us. The slaughter of these magnificent beautiful horses is pure and simple evil. HORSES ARE NOT FOOD! We are concerned in the US with the chemicals and antibiotics in cattle meant for consumption. Horses have more chemicals and antibiotics in them than the cattle and this should be of concern to any person who would even consider eating horse meat.

  2. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

    I read the article at I noticed three themes in the comments-
    1- As long as “they” aren’t abused and live a decent life (up until slaughter), why are horses different than cows, etc.?
    2- Horses aren’t pets they are livestock. People need to realize the horses coming from the USA ARE pets, and camp horses, and slow racer horses. Companions, faithful servants, discarded performance and show horses.
    3- Why are people so concerned about chemicals in horsemeat and not beef, etc.?
    (duh WE do care and protest about chemicals in ALL our food)

    America’s horses absolutely are NOT RAISED FOR FOOD and ARE NOT TREATED HUMANELY on the way to your dinner table.

    1. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

      Sorry- I meant THEIR dinner table (not yours or ours of course).

  3. I’m so proud of all of you for being there for the horses and representing those of us who couldn’t make it to the protest. Thank You All Very Much!!

  4. Leslie Kuretzky · ·


  5. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    I agree a job well done. Education is the best way to stop slaughter. No demand no industry.

  6. Thank You to every one that was involved in the protest, there are many countries that slaughter horses and serve their meat and think nothing of it, lets not ever let this happen in Canada without educationg people and letting them know it is NOT acceptable! Job well done, I would like to attend if you are going again!

  7. you guys rock!! if i weren’t way down here in Maryland i would have joined you. thanks for standing up for our horses!



  9. ShelleyCHDC · ·

    Thanks to Marie Dean for a job well done on organizing the protest!!

  10. Maybe there was a small number of folks here, but what counts the most is the courage to speak up for the Horses and to share the truth.
    Thanking each and everyone of yous for your efforts.
    Until next time!
    The Horses thank-you also!

  11. shoshone · ·

    Glad to see a number of people signed the petition. It astounds me that those not associated with horses will gladly sign to abolish horse slaughter for human consumption. Take that same petition to a horsey gathering and very few will sign. I guess they all want a profitable out for the horse that doesn’t fit their purpose.

    1. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

      I agree with you. Can I post your comment on my facebook page? I think you have said it very well.

  12. Kudos To This Group For raising awareness!

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