Update on Briarwood the horse abandoned in B.C.




  1. I agree with Barbar G. Without a deterrent, people will do whatever they please with their animals. Anything goes:(
    Thanks to the kind people who helped this poor horse.

  2. For those who would like to follow Briarwoods progress I am doing updates on our facebook page Project Equus of Critteraid.

  3. I think he will be OK too. I do know one thing, every animal welfare law on the books in every state needs to be updated to reflect automatic arrest of the owner of any animal that is in this condition or any form of neglect. Just this morning on channel 2 up here in WA state a group of horses in Oregon was taken by the county because of being starved. A vet took three of them to try to save. There were eight horses in this condition with numerous horse bones and a covered pile of dead horses on the property. This is all the information I have at this time. At the time of the news show the owner had not been charged yet. But these people getting a slap on the wrist is outrageous. If it was a automatic jail sentence if they were caught it might slow some of them down, but I doubt it.

  4. linda badham · ·

    wonderful xx

  5. Thanks for the update! Having volunteered at a horse rescue, Briarwood looks like he’ll be okay now that folks who know how to rehab are caring for and loving him. He has other horse pals around, which is also a good thing. Much more education needed (including by vets!) on the plight of a domestic horse turned out to fend for itself.

    I found this video when I watched the original on Briarwood’s rescue. It may have taken months of rehab, but Levi has become one handsome and useful horse. No wonder breeders feel threatened by rescues!

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