Horses injured in Tennessee trailer crash rejected at Mexican slaughterhouse

The story of the horses who were injured in a trailer crash in Tennessee this past January went viral, and so later did the stories of where the horses ended up. Three were euthanized due to the injuries they sustained.   The remaining horses were later reloaded and continued on their journey to Texas.

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  1. Diane Symons · ·

    We are sending our horses to Mexico and Canada. They are slaughtering them. People are eating them. This is so dangerous I can’t believe we lasted this long without some kind of virus breaking out killing millions of people. Horses are not livestock. They go to auctions bought by killers who make there living this way. No papers no info nothing on the horse. So it leaves it open for a horse to be there that was just wormed. The medicine is toxic and does not leave the horses meat and who knows what happens when it is cooked. It can turn into another chemical .that and has been proven will be a slow cancer death to humans. Bute so toxic in a horse is a killer of humans. Horses usually weight 1200 lbs more or less accourding to the size the drugs given to some are more than they need especially on the race track. This meat is not Chemical free it is toxic. Canada has had Toxic poisoning reports. I advise people if you need meat to eat what is approved right now there are no inspectors and they can’t see the chemicals
    in the meat anyway. If they tested every horse that came in they would have to work 24/7 it is impossible. Tinted horse meat is bad.

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