Winter 2012 Update

Action Alerts

See our recent Appointments & Action Alerts posting on petitioning for Bill C-322, War Horse & Help Us Help Them, and France outreach through L214:

 Update to Actions Alerts – La Palette Protest – Monday, February 20th in Toronto

There has been a fair amount of press recently due to the decision of La Palette Restaurant’s owners in Toronto to again offer horsemeat on their menu:–toronto-restaurant-la-palette-returns-horse-meat-to-menu-on-feb-2.  This comes only 6 months after they agreed to stop serving horsemeat, acknowledging the high potential of offering tainted meat to their clients.  Despite unchanged conditions regarding the unknown origins of horses and lack of inspections, they have decided to serve horsemeat once again.  CHDC supporters have organized a protest for 11:00 AM on Monday, February 20th at La Palette, 492 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON (moved from their previous location in Kensington Market).

 Billboard Campaign – A Canadian First!

Thanks to the terrific fundraising efforts of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in Pennsylvania, the first anti-slaughter billboard will be up in Ontario soon!  Their successful billboard campaign has placed ads on over 20 billboards across the U.S.:

Thanks to all the people in Canada and the U.S. who donated to make this happen.  Details of when and where it will go up will be announced soon.

 CHDC Open Letter to the CFIA

On January 5th, Sinikka Crosland, CHDC Executive Director, sent an open letter to 3 top executives at the CFIA, as there had been no official response from the agency regarding our December investigative report “Pasture to Plate”:

Dr. Brian Evans, Chief Veterinary Officer at the CFIA responded: which prompted Ms. Crosland to write again for further verification, with Dr. Evans responding again on January 6th.  (See the full email string on the above link.)  Dr. Evans stated, “I have requested that all matters raised in your open letter be responded to which includes the animal welfare concerns related to humane slaughter in addition to the two other concerns/questions posed related to the Equine Identification Documents and the food safety determination”.  At the date of this update, no further response has been received yet.

 Letter of Support from the New Democratic Party of Canada

One of our followers received this encouraging letter of support for Bill C-322 from Nycole Turmel, MP for Hull-Aylmer, Quebec and Interim Leader of the NDP Party of Canada:

 Letter of Support from The Green Party of Canada

Another one of our followers received this wonderful supportive letter for Bill C-322 from Elizabeth May, MP for BC’s Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada:

 Canadian Society for the Protection Against Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) Letter to CFIA Officials

On January 11th, Montreal CSPCA Director of Animal Advocacy, Alanna Devine, wrote this letter to the CFIA:

stating the CSPCA is not convinced that horse slaughter in Canada is being conducted in a manner that is humane, or in conformity with current Federal legislation.  She also states that evidence from the Quebec investigative report “Pasture to Plate” proves that EIDs do not actually ensure that horse meat is safe for human consumption.

Please see the CPCSA’s December 2011 announcement of support for Bill C-322 here: calling on a prohibition on the slaughter of horses in Canada.

 2011 Horse Slaughter Statistics

Agriculture Canada data reveals that 89,160 horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2011, a slight percentage higher than 2010.  See 2006 to 2011 statistics here:

According to U.S. statistics, 59,933 horses were shipped to Canada to slaughter in 2011, which translates to 67% of horses imported from the U.S.:

Children’s Letter Writing Campaign

Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) children’s letter writing campaign to end horse slaughter has received teachers’ support as the campaign grows:

Canadians can participate too!  English instructions here:

and French instructions here:

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, dedicated to the well being of our planet and its creatures, is also promoting this campaign:

 Homeless Horses Page on CHDC Blog

Our Facebook site has regular postings for horses needing homes, but not everyone is a member on Facebook, so we’ve launched the Homeless Horses page on our blog:

This page will only be for horses that are in imminent danger of shipping to slaughter.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to list the many horses needing a new home.

 For the horses,

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