Autumn’s Hope Video Contest

PLEASE VOTE FOR AUTUMN, read the inspiring story of this baby who was born in a parking lot of an auction when her pregnant, starved mother was dumped by humans, left for dead and died after giving birth. This baby has thrived and her caretakers have gone to extreme means to nurse her back to health. Today, 3 months later she is thriving, but has extensive medical bills. If Autumn wins this contest they could win $5,000 to help pay for her bills…she has fallen into 4th place in the contest…there is still time please VOTE, it costs you nothing but a couple of minutes!!!! You can vote up to 5x, once per day. Thank you!! Peppermint Kisses, Michele”


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  1. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I hav been following dear Autumns journey from when she was first brought to the rescue to now, What great people and what a brave little filly.

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