Auction video from July 2011

A video was posted on You Tube showing the OLEX,Ontario auction from July 12, 2011.  It’s very sad to see the beautiful lives that went to the various kill buyers.

As this OLEX auction video was shot on July 12 and the CHDC video that was recorded at LPN was done on July 13th and 14th, its unlikely that the horses in this video are seen in the LPN footage although we cannot guarantee that. 

What we do know is that the horses that were bought by the attending kill buyers would have suffered just as much as the horses in the LPN video.

We thank the poster of the video for permitting us to link to it.


    1. Jeanne laperle · ·

      Again…more pain and terror for these innocent animals… That’s Olex in Ontario, don’t know where they’re located, but what about HERE in Québec? Any idea where these auctions take place? I looked at different website, but couldn’t find any.

      But I do know that they happen here as well, I live in Sherbrooke, 150km south east of Montréal; please send me the infos! I can go and do something, even if it’s only a video to be posted on Youtube.

      Thanks you all!


      1. ShelleyCHDC · ·

        Hi Jeanne – Thanks for your enquiry about Quebec auctions. Here is a link from the CETFA website listing auctions in your province.
        They’re not specific to horses, but like most livestock auctions, horses will move through them too. Good luck and keep us posted on your findings!

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