Untold story of Toronto’s real Canadian war horse

By Chantaie Allick
Staff Reporter
Feb 10, 2012

Photo by: Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star. Toronto mounted Police Staff Insp. Bill Wardle, front, with police officer Thomas Dundas, who is riding Dundas, who looks a lot like "Bunny", the strawberry-chestnut-coloured gelding who served with Toronto's 9th Canadian Field Artillery

There were many heroes of World War I, men and women who lived and died for their countries. But until recently, the story of the animals that fought and suffered alongside them has been mostly lost to history.

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  1. That should have been “cannons”. Sorry

  2. And now look what Canada does with horses. That government should be ashamed of allowing horse slaughter to go on in that country. I have wondered just where Canada, the US and many other countries would be at today if the last horse ancestor had died out 11,000 years ago when they disappeared totally from North America. Like I have said before this planet would have been a lot more peaceful if the armies would have had to walk to meet the enemy dragging their canons themselves they would have been to tired to fight.

  3. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    What an amazing story

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