N.D. PMU Ranch closing – many horses at risk of shipping to slaughter

There is a PMU ranch in North Dakota that is closing down.  There are a number of lovely horses at immediate risk of shipping to slaughter.  For information on adopting please go to http://www.theanimalifarm.com/Animali/ then click on “Available Horses” in the left column to bring up the page specific to this group.

 They are showing a deadline of Feb 11th, 2012, but if you can help, please contact The Animali Farm directly.

This mare is called "Poetry" and is one of the horses at risk


  1. Cathy · ·

    Terry is ABSOLUTELY correct. Rescues who flip horses without really matching them up to a new adopter or gouge prices because of people’s pity . Are NOT rescues they are horse traders.
    Horse Plus in California , Animali , more and more bad rescues every year . Be careful

    1. Lee Earnshaw · ·

      Cathy, I agree with you and Terri 100 percent. I did get in touch with Animali and not one of these horses had anything to do with the PMU industry that shut down in ND 8 years ago, none were registered or registerable with NAERIC…it was this that launched my ongoing research of internet scammers taking advantage of gullible horse lovers. Also, Norcal/Horses Plus euthanizes horses, just because they are hard to catch or jump out of pens, or if they aren’t adopted within 60 days. And they aren’t the only ones. All these shady horse ”rescues” are giving the good, honest ones a very bad name.

  2. I’m a bit late here. Terri, did you do any real investigating re: Animali Farm, or just make assumptions? When I received this and other posts about these horses I had lots of questions, so I investigated their website, and also PMed a Facebook friend in CA who networks for them and also provides low-cost gelding clinics. I could provide a great deal of that information here, but instead, here’s a link to one of the mares. Please read the “Information”, so you’ll understand these horses would have been sent to slaughter had the rancher not taken them back and chosen to work with Animali.

    As to comments about “real” rescues vs. ripoffs, please don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater” before you investigate, as CDHC has done. Having volunteered at a licensed New Mexico equine rescue, I can tell pretty quickly which is which. Also, there are a number of places on the web that give advice on how to weed them out. No one should malign any rescue or other charity because of some bad actors. Due diligence is in order!

    1. Okay, the direct approach didn’t work, but this is how I got to the info: Click on the link above, then “Available Horses” (left column), “See the Horses” (upper right), then scroll down and open the webpage for “Snapple”. It says she was bred to a fine looking stud, so she is (or, sadly, possibly was) a “two-fer”. When I first received the info about these horses, I viewed all the mares, and every one was a had been bred for a 2012 foal.

  3. I am a horse lover and I have a number of them myself. But we don’t complain when cattle, sheep, hogs or other livestock are taken to the market for slaughter. I have felt the crunch of my horses not being worth anything since the slaughter houses for horses have been shut down. They are majestic and beautiful but they are still livestock. In other countries cows are held sacred but we still slaughter them here and use them for our food. In other countries they eat dogs and monkeys etc. The horse has a way of becoming a “pet” in the eyes of many and mine also. But I feel that since the slaughter houses for them have been shut down many have suffered much more than they would have by being slaughtered. Many horses have not been fed or taken care of. They have been turned out or sold as food for the zoos. I have had friends that had colts that they could not sell or even give away and they went to feed other animals. I also love to watch my chickens and I care for them as much as my horses but I know that one day they will become my dinner. If you consume any kind of meat you must know that something has to die to deliver that food to your table. Most of the PMU farms that I have ever been to have taken pride in the care that they provide for their animals. Just my thoughts on the subject.

  4. I would love to take one of the horses and give it a forever home please

  5. Terri, you may not even see this as, clearly, the CHDC has tired you out with the many faults you assign to it. But, just in case you do read this, I worked closely with the CHDC for nearly four years, and I can attest to their scrupulous care in checking out “rescues” to prevent exactly what you say needs to be prevented: “promoting fraudulent rescues”. They do this for the same reason you have: to prevent innocent, well-meaning horse lovers from being taken advantage of by greedy scam artists. And they do warn people to be vigilant and to check and re-check self-proclaimed rescues; perhaps you haven’t visited their page on rescue sites. From the tone of your comments, I think you’ve had enough of frauds, scams, and have done your utmost to help horses trapped in these fraudulent rescues. But, as you shared your experience, I will share mine: the CHDC is the only organisation in Canada which has, with sometimes very little support, confronted the CFIA and other government agencies with suggestions for change. They’ve done this again and again, as well as producing ground-breaking videography and reports that represent months of work, research and recommendations for change. As someone who has worked in a different way with the CFIA, the USDA and other agencies, perhaps your tremendous energy could be a benefit to the CHDC or a similar group. You sound stretched to the limit; it might help to define a new limit and aim for that.

  6. I’m tired of the LIARs and FRAUDs being promoted under the guise of ‘helping the poor horses’ when all its really doing is lining the pocketbooks of those who pander to the masses. I am tired of groups like the CHDC promoting something to help the slaughter bound rather than to actually find and support true rescues, and show people to to spot the fraudulent ones out there. A true rescue doesn’t ‘adopt’ horses out for more than current market conditions. Fees are assesed at a cost recovery basis. They spend the time working and re-training animals, and they are careful to choose the animals that have a decent chance to be re-homed.

    I have been a horse owners, breeder, and trainer for over over 25 years. I have seen animals in conditions that you couldn’t imagine. I know how the system works and I know several rescues that consist of people who don’t feel like working so they buy a few at auction, tell people they’ve saved them from slaughter and canvas for donations for their care. Meanwhile the animals are barely fed, not worked with and then end up being resuced by true horseman who are expected to do this by the public because they love horses. I have personally turned these rescues, I have had to take and re-hab these animals. I have worked with the CFIA, the USDA as well as Provincial and State agencies to try to make things better for the industry.

    So yes I have rage, rage for those people who talk, who promote but don’t do anything. Who give credence to fakes while true, honest support agencies are under funded, over worked and full to the brim.

    if you’re offended by what I say its probably becuase you are the type of person i’m talking about.

  7. Julie Fry · ·

    Terri: Your attitude seems to discredit you, which is regretable if you do indeed have accurate information. You seem to be very angry and very certain about what you are saying — yet say it in a way that suggests volume and disgust make up for any potential reservations about your credibility. It’s difficult to see past your rage to where you might have a valuable insight. Your comment that the majority of rescues are not rescues is particularly “Interesting.” Are you in a position to scientifically canvass the thousands of rescues across the United States and evaluate how they operate? Do the mixed motives of some rescues cancel the fine work and sacrifice accomplished by the selfless, tireless people caring for animals in need? Perhaps you have something of value to contribute. Find a way to say it so people can benefit from your knowledge instead of blowing you off as a hot-head with nothing better to do than rage online.

  8. $1700+ Adoption fee my ass – if they had grade or non-quality animals and now want them rescued they are poor business people. The majority of PMU places have top quality stock which had a market outside of the PMU barn. These are not ‘rescue’s they are selling their stock under the guise of a rescue and threatening slaughter to play on peoples emotion. They should be outted for the frauds they are.

    1. Terri, the adoption fee INCLUDES transportation of up to 2000 miles.

      1. Regardless – these horses are in no danger of going to slaughter at that price. Killer buyers have FREE horses everywhere to pick up at auction. This is a business who is trying to dispose of their stock by appealing to emotions. They’ve made their money and are trying to squeeze out the last amount they can. Most reputable PMU farms had a business plan and made sure the stock would have value either as breeding animals (by having top bloodlines, conformation and performance), or were able to return to the performance arena.

        The majority of rescues out there are not rescues, They are for-profit groups who think that others should pay for them to have pets. Actual rescues like CANTER take usable animals and network to find them good homes. They don’t threaten the slaughter of animals to get $$$$.

        Again those are NOT adoption fees, that is the SELLING price of the horse.

  9. Anna Coope · ·

    I have to agree … It’s a unfare world out here …I feel that the us government as the Canadian government needs to take of it and needs to stretch the old mighty dollar and do something about it..!i know they had use for the PMU ‘s at one time as I have looked in to adoption for some of the wild mustangs that end up….?i am a horse lover from way back when. And believe that certain issues need to be addressed ,….it break my heart to see and watch the video’s on YouTube

  10. M.C. Janis · ·

    All people who murder innocent horses will have the same thing happen to them!!!!!

  11. Karrie Baker · ·

    These horses have served your needs no matter how horrific it was for them. You owe them a chance at a good home. I will pray with all my heart tonight that they all get a good home. Bless all their hearts. \
    Love Karrie

  12. LINDA BADHAM · ·


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