Was anyone at OLEX in December 2011?

We had an urgent plea from a supporter about an old horse of hers who was sent to OLEX for the December 20, 2011 sale and she’s desperately trying to find out where he is.  

This is from her: 

Was anyone at the sale on December 20, 2011?? 

 I am desperately hoping that someone saved him!!  He’s a bay TB gelding with a white spot on his forehead….he had bad knees. Please let me know if anyone saw him

 Here is a picture of Billy…it’s only a head shot but he’s a bay and has no white on his legs, just 4 black socks and bad knees. He also has some white hairs at the top of his tail. He cribs too, if that helps.


I’m so upset knowing he was sent to OLEX. The guy I gave him to assured me he would never be sent to auction and I told him if he no longer wanted him to let me know as his original owner would have taken him back.

 When I inquired about Billy yesterday (Feb. 8, 2012) the guy tried to tell me that he was put down “gently” however a friend of mine boards at the farm and told me she had confirmation he was on the trailer to OLEX at the beginning  of December.

 If you know of Billy’s fate please contact Erica at 3fasthorses@gmail.com


  1. I cannot understand why people like this horses owner trust anyone that promised to take care of their horse and not send it to slaughter. Why are they so trusting? I have seen this happen before over and over. If you can’t keep the horse try to find a rescue that has a good reputation you can check up on. I don’t mean just asking them about their references I mean go to the references addresses and talk to them, if the rescue balks about giving out the information run like hell. Or better still don’t give the horse away in the first place especially if you are willing to take it back.

  2. Deborah · ·

    prosecute the bastard.

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