Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director, CHDC, discusses the horse slaughter industry and Horse Protection Initiatives on blogtalkradio

Horse slaughter in Canada – part 2

by Hindy Pearson

Airdate: Mon, February 6, 2012

 On Friday January 20, we aired a show about the Canadian horse slaughter industry. The response was so overwhelming, I decided to do a follow up show, to touch on issues we had no time to address. On this episode, we’re going to be talking about: findings from The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s latest slaughter plant investigation; why horse slaughter is so inhumane;

Horse Protection Initiatives, and the ineffectiveness of anti cruelty legislation in Canada. Please join me as I speak, once again, with Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.  For more detailed information on the work of the CHDC, please visit their

For video of recent investigation, please visit   WARNING: Video is very graphic.–part-2


  1. Danielle O"Brehan · ·

    Bravo Janet – I have written a chapter on premarin mare to complete my book on Canadian Horses. I am glad to see I am not alone on this quest for justice.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


  2. I also think the public needs to be enlightened on where PREMARIN comes from. I have had discussions with groups of women and they do not know what PREMARIN (PREgnant MARe urIN) is made from and where it comes from. They have no idea that it is contributing to the horse slaughter industry. My sister in law told me that her doctor didn’t even know that it contributed to the horse slaughter industry until she refused to take it and told him the reason why. I think it is great that these videos are being made public. There needs to be much more.

    1. After seeing these videos, I wish I had never sold any of my horses. I sold a horse I had raised a few years ago with the understanding from the purchaser, that if he ever didn’t want her any more that I would be notified and she would be offered back to me. Well that didn’t happen. He sold her and I sometimes lay awake at night wondering if she was sent to slaughter. I will never sell another one of my horses. I have two old horses at the moment, they are both rescues and they will be here for the rest of their lives. They are loved and very happy with me.

  3. Shari Lounsbury · ·

    I have seen that video before and that last poor horse, it sickens me. Well, they all do. They are still breathing when they open the chute and that last horse still had its mane done up from a show or something. How can people say they love their horse, fancy them up and send them to be killed that way. That so-called f’ed up guy with the gun should be shot himself and that inspector too. The shouldn’t be there to step on a flea!!! I hate horse slaughter and anyone who condones it or takes any part in it what-so-ever. I also can’t stand when someone belongs to an anti-horse slaughter site and advertises a new foal up for adoption. THEY are adding to the problem as well. They need the captive bolt to their heads if they can’t see what they are doing to the horse industry too. I will be in Toronto when needed that is for sure!!!

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