CHDC Appointments Announcement and Important Action Alerts

February 2012
CHDC Appointments
It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. Olivier Berreville as Scientific Advisor
.  Dr. Berreville, PhD, who is fully bilingual in French and English, brings his expertise in animal behavior and biology to our group. 
We’re also very happy to bring on board long-time horse welfare advocate Marie Dean, as Development Manager
. Marie will be working to help develop and implement programs and networking opportunities. 
Welcome Olivier and Marie!
There are many significant updates to report for Winter 2012, but first we have 3 important Actions Alerts:
First and foremost, we focus on petitioning for horse anti-slaughter Bill C-322
.  Please keep those petitions coming!  Let the government know that the fight to save horses is not going away and the petitions keeps the issue in front of them. 
On our Do It Now
webpage:  you can find English and French petitions well as instructions and further steps you can take. 
You can also save, print and distribute our flyer in English  or in French:

This is one of the most effective actions you can take to help realize change for our horses.  You only need 25 signatures to form a petition!  While you gather signatures, not only are you working to change legislation, you are raising awareness!

Help Up Help Them
The special bond between people whose lives are touched by the horse Joey in War Horse, is intrinsic to everyone who sees the play and watches the movie.  Inspired by this inherent connection to horses conveyed in these productions, we bring another opportunity for horse advocates to champion for our horses.
Knowing the inspiration that War Horse
brings, the CHDC would like to promote the message of the movie and the play (which opens in Toronto at the Princess of Wales Theatre on February 10, 2012): with another flyer in English:
and French: that can be saved, printed and distributed at theatres, or wherever inspires you!
If you’re attending War Horse at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, look for our ad in the playbill!





Help Uncover Horse Cruelty – French Animal Advocacy Group L214 Works with CHDC to Expose Horse Slaughter Cruelty
French animal protection group L214 joins the CHDC to expose the cruel stunning and slaughter of horses in Canadian abattoirs that export meat to Europe: and
 L214 is one of the largest animal advocacy groups in France.  France is one of Canada’s largest importers of horsemeat. 
This is an important outreach and we are excited to work with L214 to spread our message to Europe. 
We encourage our French speaking advocates to contact French media in Canada and Europe to help communicate this message.

Here are links to the main French newspapers in Quebec: and in Canada: .

Here is a link to our blog, which includes the English and French joint letters the CHDC and L214 sent to the Delegation of the European Union to Canada and the European Commission: .
Stay tuned for our Winter Update, to be released soon.


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