WA Horse Rescue Operation Suspected of Fraud with ‘Kill-buy’ Horses Destined for Slaughter

WA Horse Rescue Operation Suspected of Fraud with “Kill-Buy” Horses Destined for Slaughter

 by Julie Hall and Sarah Lane February 4, 2012

When Inside Bainbridge was informed on February 3, 2012, by a small local rescue organization that a pony named Durango in the Eastern Washington town of Zillah needed immediate intervention or he would be sent to a slaughterhouse, we quickly turned to our community to find him a home (and to your credit, many of you stepped up right away with concern, compassion, and generous offers). Normally we do research before posting anything, but time was of the essence, we had been told.

The full store can be read here:



  1. No need for any ‘legal actions’ Linda, I own the Rebels and if you want to see my personal income tax records all you had to do was to ask My only source of income are the wages earned by my long suffering Husband 🙂 The Rebels group does not have a bank account or a PayPal account or any other way of collecting funds. We are NOT a Rescue, I have no financial interest in the Feedlot, I do not own these horses or have any control over how they are gathered or when they are shipped. I simply volunteer to advertise the horses. I receive the pictures and the descriptions and post them on my boards then on Face Book where we welcome anyone who wishes to help Network them and spread the word through the Social Medias. I just looked, and at this moment, we have reps from three different Rescues chatting on the page. One of them is talking about a horse we don’t even have listed, it’s from a different group. And there’s another horse, a fella we listed last year on Craigs List so we are networking him. I say again, when your reporter followed an ad for the Feedlot horses, she contacted one of the Rescues who was sharing the information via a link to our site, it’s just the simplest way of sharing the pictures and descriptions.This Rep explained the policies of Her Rescue to your Reporter, not the Policies of the Rebel Group. The Rebels advertise ‘Straight Sales’ at the posted price, there are no hidden adoption charges or mandatory QT’s or any other fees. I do not know where this ‘bait and switch’ thing came from, but the truth is, if someone wants to buy a horse from the Feedlot, they are expected to go to the lot and see the horse themselves. Then, if they want the horse, they pay for it, load it up in their own trailer and haul it home. The Only exceptions to this ‘rule’ is for the Out of State buyers who are, like anyone else, encouraged to arrange for a Vet Check before they make any purchase. I know you claim to have interviewed people from ‘several’ Rescues before you wrote this piece and I’m fairly certain which ‘Rescues’ you’ve quoted. So I would suggest, again, that you investigate ‘Both Sides’. You might be surprised at the things you will discover 🙂

  2. Accusations and excuses (reasons?) flying thick and fast in comments to the article and on the Rebels Equine Feedlot Savers Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebels-Equine-Feedlot-Savers/119093564814553?ref=ts I doubt if any DA will want to tackle this convoluted mess (except possibly the bait-and-switch as fraud), but an IRS audit of everyone involved might shed more light on the subject and prompt further investigation. I wonder if/how that could be arranged.

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