Viable alternatives to horse slaughter

Allen Warren from Horse Harbor Foundation ( ) believes, as we do, that a home for every horse is the most important discussion we can have right now in both the U.S. and Canada.  This is not a goal that is out of reach. 

Kill pen Alberta auction May 2011

We present a guest editorial on viable alternatives to horse slaughter (Across the Fence in TheHorse Dec 2010) written by Allen  for the January, 2011 issue of The Horse Magazine.  This is  aimed at the veterinary and breeder audiences on this subject.  

There is also a subsequent White Paper  (White Paper on Equine Slaughter)suggesting immediate and viable alternatives for your consideration as part of this dialogue.

Mr. Warren feels that it is not enough just to oppose equine slaughter, we must offer proactive programs to counter the pro-slaughter side’s arguments if we are ever to abolish this horror in our respective countries.

Kind, gentle draft - May 2011 - Alberta kill pen


  1. Great information, great solutions…I’m all for cutting back on breeding if it helps the horse! Holly

  2. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Thanks so much for these links!

  3. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    I find it incredible, that no one has thought about the alternatives to horse slaughter. There is nothing to understand:
    1. there is euthanization;
    2. and stop breeding horses.
    Simple. As for euthanization, I know that it is very hard to destroy an otherwise healthy horse, but if a good home can not be found, euthanization is the better answer to putting a horse on the slaughter truck. The better solution is not to breed. We have enough unwanted horses. My heart goes out to the beautiful animals. Education about the consumption of horse meat is another alternative. No demand, no industry. Advocating the adoption of a horse before buying is another way.

    1. its JUST NOT the euthanization its the DISPOSAL that the majority of horse owners do not have. IN ohio, depending on where you live you CAN”T bury your horses, the nearest rendering truck is 4 hrs away if you live in southern ohio, and the horse can’t be dead for more then 8hrs, the dumps will take the horse ONLY if they pick it up, and you are NOT allowed to compost or place in a bone pile. SO you see for some ppl its the DISPOSAL that is the problem. and if we all sop breeding, your child will have NO horse to show etc. Breeding has declinned almost 75% in some associations

      1. There is Daphne, pulling numbers out of thin air again. 75%, WOW, Oh must have a different form of math than the rest of the country.

  4. if horse were considered as pets,instead of livestock,more rules and regulations could apply to breeding and ownership responsibilty. Also artificial insemination should be illegal,as that is a way large contributing factor in excess breeding. Also killing off the wolves has destroyed the natural balance of predator/prey and horses along with elk and antelope are exceedingly overabundant. Seems only thing thats allowed to live that kills is man 😦 and why are kill lots still legal, and why not harsher sentencing for those that partipate in trafficking these creatures to kill lots,n slaughterhouses. Also,i would think an owner or breeder should lose their license if involved in any slaughter dealings!

    1. WHY would AI be illegal. You do understand that the majority of the TOP show horses in this world DO NOT LIVE COVER mares due to the risk of injury. AI is the safest form of breeding and it allows the person who has the TOP show mare worthy of breeding say in Ohio, breed to the top show stud worthy of breeding in CA. Breeder pays the breeding fee, plus chute fees, plus collection fee plus shipping. and IF horses would be considered pets then if a horse is found abdondand or seized they have EVERY RIGHT to be dropped off at ANY shelter.

      1. Might be true, except said person above does not have a TOP show mare worthy of breeding in Ohio. Ummmm Daphne, I love it when you post, makes me laugh everytime. It is scary though knowing you are a product of OH school system.

        Horses are already classified as companion animals by the FDA and a horse abandoned can be taken to an appropriate rescue now. Notice the word “appropriate” no one would expect a cat rescue to take a horse.

        Oh and did you ever learn the difference between prey and pray?

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