Global TV does piece on horsemeat being served at La Palette

Global TV Toronto ran a piece tonight on a restaurant in Toronto that is serving horsemeat again.

Sadly, Global did not appear to understand the issue as the piece suggests that because the US ruling changed on USDA inspection of horsemeat that the meat is now somehow safe. 

They also didn’t even mention the massive welfare issues inherent in horse slaughter ( – link to Pasture to Plate video).


  1. Diane Symons · ·

    They can say anything they want to make the meat safe…..It is not safe. Read the box’s of the dewormers. They Warn you not to eat the horses after dewormered. Also bute any body knows that drug is so strong like the dewormers it says in the horses system we don’t know how long in goes to the horses liver etc. Does not hurt the horse us will in time kill, cause cancer, cause other body parts to break down. It is a slow death. Like smoking. Domestic horses must be wormed. People will not stop deworming there horses. They know what bots can do they can eat a horses stomach. Google bots, Google worms in horses and see why we must worm our domestic horses. Also ID there are no coggins papers that come with horses that go to auction for slaughter which is illegal. Somehow this just got lost in the system except for the horse people that go to horse shows you can’t get in without a coggins test results. If your horse is neg. It must be put down. The disease is so bad can kill a herd of horses within months. Humans also can contact this disease. Horses are working animals not for eating. People who are eating them are bringing them selves down to poverty level. Not a kool level like they think. Going to a fancy place to eat paying high prices and eating food that is not fit for humans to eat. Is it because it’s not beef and you have to be different. You will be different when your body starts telling you … your getting sick. Toxic chemicals do not leave the meat of a horse. Horses off the race track are filled with chemicals. So be kool for now when your hair is falling out, you are taking chemo, you lost half your weight and can hardly walk. Do to Toxic poisons. Will you be kool? In the days this was not brought to peoples attention many people died and never put 2 and 2 together it is the meat. Or when treated for Toxic poison never thinking it came from the horse you ate. Or when a bot crawls out of you…never thought the egg was in the meat that some are eating raw. Google bots you will not go near that toxic meat no matter what they say what they do horses are not for eating they are for working, riding, pets. Enjoy

  2. As usual, “a little information is worse than no information at all.” Global got just about everything wrong, and their mis-statements will lend justification to horsemeat eaters and pro-slaughter proponents. Linda, according to the Food and Toxicology Report (by Marini et al), the many medications (including bute) given to horses may remain in the blood (which courses through the muscles) and since exsanguination has never shown that all blood is removed from the muscle tissues, the problem (and the question) persists. Ultimately, the fact that the CFIA and other equine scientists declare even one dose of bute (and many other equine-specific drugs) automatically banned in horses bound for slaughter means that the CFIA remains wary of any scientific evidence showing its safety for human consumption. Personally, I hold to the environmental evidence which shows that while cow blood can be used for composting, etc., horse blood must be carefully disposed of lest it contaminate groundwater. That is very telling in itself.

    1. Shari Lounsbury · ·

      Can someone not contact them and set them straight? Tell them that even the inspectors are being layed off so none of the meat is safe anymore here or in the uSA.

  3. Too bad we can’t comment to the video. I searched the site, but couldn’t find an accompanying story. However, there are plenty of articles on the Internet with opportunities to express an opinion. I wish we could get more test info on PCBs and dioxins mentioned in one of your previous posts. Also whether the “liver” argument stands up. Blood is cleansed in the liver of mammals, but does the liver remove bute, antibiotics, and other harmful substances to the degree that the flesh becomes “safe”, or do they repeatedly cycle back into the tissues?

  4. These reporters don’ know a thing about horses and they don’t bother to investigate anything about the story. They were probably given a horse meat dinner on the house.

    1. Shari Lounsbury · ·

      Found out today they were talking last night of taking it off the menu but it is still on today. Even though the employees are getting harrassed, the phones are ringing off the wall and they have had numerous threats. I personally think they should shut down.

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