News 95.7 Maritime Morning with Jordi Morgan – Interview with CFIA’s Dr. Brian Evans

Dr. Evans on right and Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz

Jordi Morgan puts CFIA’s Dr. Evans, Chief Veterinary Officer & Chief Food Safety Officer to the test in this excellent interview that addresses food safety and the treatment of horses at Canadian slaughterhouses.

Please listen here:–thursday-february-2-1130am


  1. Viewing the numerous video tapes on horse slaughter, clearly confirms that Mr. Evans has no idea what goes on. His comments are nothing more than “HOGWASH”!


    I wrote Mr. Evans about the radio interview program,he is nothing more than a puppet to the tory hack that was sitting beside him. I asked if he ever gave any independent thought to the fact 82% of the U.S. ,64% of Canadians, the Veterinary community in both countries, the A.S.P.C.A and C.S.P.C.A are CLEARLY opposed to HORSE slaughter. I also questioned his credibility as a Vet, considering his peers clearly indicated inhumane slaughter in the most recent investigation and he seen nothing to pursue.Perhaps overwhelming public and proffesional opinion will one day trump cheap politics that is clearly ingrained in the C.F.I.A.

  3. Shelley · ·

    Listening to this interview, I wanted to gag at Dr Evans responses to the questions. He is so full of crap it is unbelievable! Jordi Morgan does an excellent job at putting him on the spot but unfortunately Dr Evans is so good at covering his butt that he comes up with the answers quickly. The educated person will know this but will the person that doesn’t know about this topic? Unfortunately, this is obviously one man that went to school to become a vet not to help animals but is in it for the money.

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