Toronto Star reports on la Palette putting horse back on the menu

The Toronto Star who had published an article in July 2011 on Canadian horse slaughter published an article today on the disturbing news about la Palette putting horse back on the menu.–toronto-restaurant-la-palette-returns-horse-meat-to-menu-on-feb-2



  1. There already is a protest soon to happen. 🙂

  2. Hello all,
    Though I don’t agree with the consumption of horse, I don’t agree with the statement that this place must hate horses. Does any establishment that serves beef hate cows or those that serve rabbit hate the easter bunny? I’m not exactly sure of that logic. I’m a vegitarian and have been for 15 years. I believe that people have the right to make what ever nutritional choices they want, as long as they are properly informed of what they are eating and what they’re being served is safe. In this case I think a lot of missleading is going on and that adds to my objection to this menue item.

  3. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    My Pleasure. I hate THIS place and anyone who works there or has anything to do with it 😦


    Leslie Thanks for the address, i sent my letter today and copied to Toronto Star EDITORIAL as well.

    Brenda i noted you mentioned protest, if you organize i will participate

  5. linda badham · ·


  6. Brenda Robinson · ·

    Shame on la Palette!

    They must hate horses.

    How can they be so cruel against horses?

    I am disgusted by this. We may have to hold another protest outside their establishment.

    This is cruel and wrong. Horses are not created for human consumption.

  7. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    La Palette is the name, but I think you all know that already

    The Telephone number is

    (416) 929-4900

    1. I just called La Palette, pressed 1, and spoke to the girl who answered. I asked if they are back to serving horse meat and she said, “that’s right, we soon will be” (sounding pleased about this fact). I asked her if La Palette hates horses and she said no. I tried to explain to her that horses are not for human consumption. When she realized I was against this item on the menu, she quickly got off the phone. Shame on anyone who works there and promotes this cruel practice.

  8. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    They are at

    492 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2B2

    How sad that I live in the Greater Toronto area. I hope this place burns down

  9. These are sick people, horses were not meant to hunt slaughter and eat, i would also like the address, i will be sure to tell alot of people i know not to step foot in the joint,Shame on you.

  10. DENNIS DAVEY · ·

    does anyone have address of this restaurant in toronto?
    i would like to write them, and caution them over children consuming this unsafe meat

  11. Diane Symons · ·

    Are people brain dead do they realize they are eating drugs. Unhealthy toxic drugs. Bute does not leave the meat the horses are sold with no papers nothing just sold, slaughtered and on the table. You have no idea what you are eating. Dewormer is so strong that you must rotate the wormer when worming your domestic horses. Why because the last wormer is still in the meat so you rotate. So much worm medicine in the meat will cause cancer. It has been reported of toxic poison in many places serving horse meat. This is 2012 you don’t eat any animal on this earth some are for work, some are for eating. Horses are not for eating to many health issues. Yet people will go by the uneducated who only know how to slaughter horses and sell you the meat they will not get medical facts. Some animals are not for eating. Including mice and rats they carry many diseases. WAKE up get medical info before you sit down and eat a horse. Some eat the meat raw. Bute kills remember that and it is a slow death doesn’t happen over night your organs slowly go down hill. Soon you are fighting cancer and no clue that horse meat filled with toxic chemicals was the cause.

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