La Palette gets back on the horse

From January 30, 2012….

Last summer, we reported that Queen West’s La Palette had pulled horse from its menu after a Toronto Star article shed some light on the shadier aspects of the horse slaughter industry. Well, after months of deliberation, La Palette is bringing the controversial delicacy back.



    if there is going to be a protest at this toronto restraunt i sure would like to know when and time?

  2. I heard there’s going to be a protest at La Palette soon, but can’t remember when. Whomever attends might want to bring a few copies of these scientific studies to pass out to unsuspecting diners.

    2011: “Toxoplasmosis and Horse Meat, France”

    Citation 6: 1999 Canadian/U.S. study on the same subject: “Serologic prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in horses slaughtered for food in North America”


    does anyone have mailing address of la pettite in toronto
    Iwould like to write them asking does the horse meat meal on menu come with EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK, as i would be concerned for children


    1. shoshone · ·

      Good question.

    2. Their address is on their web site:

  4. shoshone · ·

    Canada is a backward country where food is concerned. The cruel practice of foie Gras has been banned in many countries but not here. Tainted horse meat is fine as long as it makes someone money. Bute can only be detected in a horse after it is butchered. Can you imagine how many rejected carcasses there would be. Nearly every horse that has been in contact with man or woman has had bute sometime in its lifetime. Only those horses bred here stricktly for meat would be drug free. The majority of those horses are shipped 3 to a crate,live, out of the Calgary Airport every week bound for Japan where the meat is sold for $20 a pound.



  6. Diane Symons · ·

    How can people eat meat filled with chemicals and think it is cool….? Just the Bute alone has been proven to cause cancer it is a slow death the drugs do not leave the horses meat. When you eat them you store the toxic chemicals in kidneys, liver, bladder, other parts of your body which has been known to cause cancer. Dewormer is so bad so strong of a drug that you must rotate when you worm your horse because the wormer stays in the meat so you need a different wormer the next time. If adults want to die a slow death fine let them…the problem they feed this to children and that is not right all horse meat should be marked eat at your own risk. And don’t say Canada are raising horses just for slaughter you can’t raise a horse just for slaughter they need to be dewormed or you will be eating stangles, bots, hook worms. So there is no such thing as safe horse meat. These drugs are toxic and America sends all horses, sick half dead, horses with ID and by the way humans also can contact ID. The whole industry is bad, dangerous health wise. Raw horse meat still have bots along with toxic chemicals that will kill you might as well continue smoking it is safer for you. Horses right from the track are sent to be slaughtered with drugs still in them. France read the back of an American horse dewormer box see the warnings. Remember US don’t care we don’t eat them so your at a risk.

  7. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

    I looked up their menu and Foie Gras is another controversial “dish” served at this establishment. This purveyor who serves tortured ducks, evidently has no problem serving tortured horses.

    1. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

      PS- makes me again consider becoming a vegetarian

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