CHDC 2011 Year End Wrap-Up

2011 was another eventful year with highs and lows in the ongoing campaign to protect our horses.

January 2011

CHDC’s Twyla Francois joined Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio’s “Q” to debate horse slaughter and human consumption of horsemeat.  They were joined by Jennifer Woods, livestock industry consultant and owner of J. Woods Livestock Services, and Mark Schatzker, food columnist with the Globe and Mail, who wrote “Why you should eat horsemeat: It’s delicious”. (Archived program not available on 

Dr. Temple Grandin falls short in delivering pro-slaughter message at theSummitof the Horse:

Grandin described herself as “neutral” on the issue of whether to ban horse slaughter for human consumption.

OSPCA Fails to Protect Horses Again

Much debate surrounded the tragic story of Gem andCocoa.

 February 2011

CHDC Reports 48 Petitions Tabled for Bill C-544, plus another 13 presented for tabling:

(Note – Bill C-544 has been replaced by Bill C-322 in the current Parliamentary session)

March 2011
CHDC Spring Update includes news that Bill C-544 died when the 40th Parliamentary session ended in March 2011.  An impressive total of 62 petitions were tabled in Parliament:

CHDC Directors Twyla Francois and Shelley Grainger speak at the Thinking About Animals Conference at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario on Canadian Livestock Industry through Investigative Case Studies and The Changing Landscape of Canada’s Horse Slaughter Industry: (log-in required)

Ground Breaking Initiative in BC by Critteraid to Rescue and Protect Wild and Feral Horses:

Critteraid convinced the BC Ministry of Natural Resource Operations that humane alternatives can be found.  From Critteraid’s website:  Minister (Steve) Thomson directed that the two horses be handed over to Critteraid without any costs attached. Thomson has also directed Ministry staff to review current legislation to help find a long term solution to save any future feral horses from going to slaughter when rounded up.

 April 2011
Norval Meats Memorial:

Ontario horse slaughter plant had final closure for equine advocates on a cold April day with a memorial to the hundreds of horses that perished there.

Alberta Case of Neglect on a Large Scale:

A sadly familiar tragic situation for animals is exposed in Drumheller,Alberta where 140 horses and 200 cattle were found in a serious state of neglect.  Another example of the mistaken notion that the slaughter option helps avoid cases of neglect and starvation.  Alberta has 2 horse slaughter plants – it didn’t change the situation for these suffering animals.

May 2011
EU Inspectors Find Serious Violations at EU Regulated Horse Slaughter Plants in Mexico:

May Equine Awareness Campaign is Announced:

(See May 2011 blog posts for campaign topics.)

Food NetworkCanada– Reality Check Required!:

A bad decision by Food Network Canada to highlight the consumption of horsemeat creates aNorth America wide backlash from horse supporters.

Report from an Alberta Auction – The Reality:

Elicits many responses on our blog from saddened supporters.

CHDC Participates at the Everything Equine Show in Uxbridge, ON and All About Horses Fair inLindsay,ON.

Uxbridge (scroll ½ way down):


Many wonderful people attended our booths to show their support.

June 2011
S.1176 – American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 is introduced:

Another SPCA Tale of Betrayal to Horses – This Time in Saskatchewan.  Seized Horses Sold for Slaughter at Auction:

U.S.Government Accountability Office (GAO) Releases Horse Welfare Report – Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences from Cessation of Domestic Slaughter:

Equine Welfare Alliance Provides an Analysis of the GAO Report: Disturbing Omissions and Cover Up:

July 2011
The “elephant in the room” appears again, when the tragic account of Deputy Broad illustrates once more the ultimate risk that racehorses face:

This horse’s story brings forth familiar questions about horse protection and the risk to consumers with  “stable to table” contaminated horsemeat.

Canada’s Shame -CalgaryStampede

Thoroughbred teams compete in chuckwagon races, with tragic results.

23 Arabians Auctioned Under the Innkeepers Act of Ontario:

Another case of horses having to pay the ultimate price for ignorant horse breeders.

Equine Welfare Alliance releases The True Unintended Consequences of Horse Slaughter:

Revealing truths around pro-slaughter misinformation and propaganda.

Dirty Little Secret -Canada’s Slaughter Industry Under Fire:–shooting-horses-canada-s-slaughter-industry-under-fire?bn=1

Toronto Star’s Robert Cribb and David Graham tell it like it is in a front page report, following slaughter bound horses from Shipshewana,Indiana to Richelieu Meats, Quebec.

August 2011

Insensitive Woodbine trainer says of horse “He might be on my dinner plate by December”:

Trainer’s remarks brings strong responses on our blog.

September 2011

Canadian Logging Company Wants Number of Free Roaming Horses in Alberta Reduced:

Wild Horses of Alberta Society, based in Olds, Alberta, said the horses are causing no harm and are living harmoniously with nature.

CHDC Directors Attend Canadian Premier of Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed:

Directors join film creator Katia Louise in Huntsville, Ontario for film premier.

First International Equine Conference hosted by Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) and Animal Law Coalition was held inAlexandria,VA

A strong coalition of animal welfare groups and individuals gathered for this important 3-day event which featured renowned experts on the welfare and preservation of both domestic and wild equines, as well as legislators and medical experts.  CHDC Director Lonita Stewart presented on Canada’s fight against horse slaughter.

October 2011
NDP MP Alex Atamanenko Re-introduces Horse Anti-slaughter Bill C-322:

MP Alex Atamanenko introduced Bill C-322, An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption).  “Since I first introduced the bill in the last Parliament, tens of thousands of Canadians have petitioned the government to legislate an end to this practice.  It is time for the government to listen.”, he stated in his presentation.

CHDC Provides Bill C-322 Petition and Supporter Instructions in French and English:

Wild Horse Advocate in Saskatchewan is Featured in the News:

Ken McLeod, a dedicated wild horse advocate, has worked for more than 30 years fighting for protection of wild horses in the Bronson Forest, Saskatchewan.

U.S.Double Decker Ban for Horses Becomes Law:

U.S. Department of Agriculture praised for stronger new regulations against double-decker transport of slaughter bound horses.

AQHA Promotes Slaughtering Companion Horses for Human Consumption:

American Quarter Horse Association attempts to manipulate public with misleading alert.

Bilingual Anti-Horse Slaughter Postcards Available:

Quebec horse welfare advocates create postcards so constituents can advise their MPs across Canada that they are in favour of Bill C-322.

A Gem of an Update for a Formerly Neglected Mare:

An amazing transformation with good food, water and care for this lucky mare in the St. Thomas, Ontario region.

November 2011
Guest Column by Keith Dane, Director of Equine Protection, HSUS:

It’s still 70% opposed in the U.S. as it has been for a decade, despite pro-slaughter efforts to bring it back in the States.

CHDC November Update:

Horse Protection Initiatives, NFACC Equine Survey, and the European Commission 2010 Horse Slaughter Plants Audit Report amongst the update topics.

Vickery Eckhoff at writes the first in an Excellent Series:

Racing industry silent about slaughtered thoroughbreds.

MP Atamanenko Writes Letter to CFIA President George Da Pont:

MP’s letter states it is a strong likelihood that a great deal of horsemeat coming out of Canada is quite toxic for human consumption, and asks for a response.

NDP Interim Leader Nycole Turmel Announces Full Party Support for Bill C-322:

Welcome news from the NDP Party!

December 2011
Pasture to Plate – A Fourth Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant is Exposed by the CHDC:

The CHDC presents a fourth investigative report documenting inhumane horse slaughter in Quebec and provides compelling evidence that the much touted Equine Identification Document (EID) program put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) invites fraud.

U.S.Equine Slaughter Legal Again:

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate approved the Conference Committee report on H.R. 2112, the bill that, in part, determines agriculture appropriations for FY2012.  President Barack Obama signed the measure, making commercial slaughter legal once again in theU.S.

Canadian SPCA Responds to CHDC Report on Slaughterhouse in Quebec:

Alanna Devine, CSPCA Director of Animal Advocacy, calls for a prohibition on the slaughter of horses in Canada and the export of horses for slaughter.

Horse Slaughter Protest Takes Place at the Rainbow Bridge Border Crossing, Niagara Falls, NY

Town of Marathon Does it Again!:

Town Council in Marathon, ON pass a resolution for the second time in support of Bill C-322.

EWA Reports on Mystery Surrounding Abandoned Horses Solved:

A 6-month investigation reveals abandoned horses in the U.S. southwest are actually ones rejected for slaughter at the Mexican border and left to die in feedlots in Texas.

National News Agency CTV Reports on Horse Slaughter inQuebec:

Media coverage on Pasture to Plate hits several news agencies after this CTV report.

CBC Radio-Canada Interviewed CHDC Director Dr. Olivier Berreville on Les Viandes de-la Petite-Nation horse slaughterhouse in QC:

Dr. Berreville speaks to French speaking Canadians on the CHDC’s disturbing investigative report.

Dr. Berreville was also interviewed on Quebec’s TVA Nouvelles news network:

Quebec’s media reported extensively on this Quebec exposé.’s Vickery Eckhoff Faces Off with Dr. Temple Grandin in “Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Sounds Food Safety and Cruelty Alarms”:

This 3rd piece in a 4-part series discusses the defective EID horse identification system and reveals Dr. Grandin’s surprising acceptance of faulty stunning practices at Quebec’s La Petite-Nation horse slaughter plant.

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