All Horses are Created Equal

The little palomino colt stood close to his mother, trying to hide from the big people that gathered around the corral. One of them tried to reach out for him, but he quickly moved away, out of reach. His mother pinned her ears at him, warning him to stay away from her.

“Did you have the vet look at him?” one of the people asked.

“I can’t be wasting money on crippled horses. I was just gonna to put him down. You all want him, take him. Hell, even his momma don’t want him. He ain’t worth nothin’.”

To read how things turned out for this little guy please go here:


  1. Broke my heart to read it too.
    What surprised me was the fact his mother pushed him away…wish there could be something that could be done for this little soldier.
    What a beautiful story.

  2. ShelleyCHDC · ·

    Thank you for sharing this sad but uplifting post. Indeed, it is only our perception that is different – they are all created equal.

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