Unapologetic kill buyer speaks out

Horses for Slaughter

By: Samantha Elizabeth Esquivel January 14, 2012 – 5:32 pm

Many horses bought in Arizona are sent to meat processing plants in Mexico despite the recent lifting of a ban on horse slaughtering in the United States. The ban was lifted to stop horses from being killed after grueling journeys across the border.

Video report here:  http://tucson12.nytimes-institute.com/14/horse-for-slaughter/




  1. Janet Schultz · ·

    And please do not be misled – the “ban” was lifted because 3 politicoians behind closed door carried out the direction of their “masters.”. There was no consideration for the horse’s suffering. Please do not perpetuate just another lie of this liars’ arsenal. Speak the truth. Horses are dying.

  2. Janet Schultz · ·

    We in America have sworn to never give up the fight to end the slaughter of American horses. NEVER! We are fighting from every angle. Any plant that attempts to open will face an unrelenting attack of citizen and legal protests. We are sick of the criminals running this industry from the stolen, misappropriated horse to the pollution of our water, soil and air by the actual killing machines. No – do not be discouraged. Our politicians are also on notice – their complicit cooperation is diisgusting and completely against the American love of freedom and loyalty. Keep fighting!!!!

  3. Shawna Bonnett · ·

    I sure hope that truck and trailer didn’t belong to that toothless guy they interviewed that needed the money so bad for his horse. That’s an awfully fance unit for someone who needs to sell their horse for meat price. It’s so sad that Obama lifted the ban. I feel like we were so much closer to ending horse slaughter here in Canada with the U.S. being already on board.

  4. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    So sad 😦

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