Reminder – Protest on Saturday January 28, 2012

Just a reminder that a group of horse supporters will be holding an anti-slaughter protest at the Peace Bridge in Niagara Falls, NY on Saturday January 28, 2011. 

The time on the Facebook page is incorrect as the actual time will be from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

They would like to get as many supporters as possible out to this to show their support for horses.

For more information please go to their Facebook page here:

If anyone on the Canadian side can set up something that would be terrific.


  1. If I could I’d be there in a heartbeat. But I’m in Illinois. But I’ll be think’in about all of you. 🙂

  2. linda badham · ·

    will be with you in spirit, as i live in the uk.x

  3. And I can’t type. Sorry. Meant crossed.

  4. The Peace Bridge is in Buffalo, NY not Niagara Falls. The Rainbow Bridge is in Niagara Falls. I think someone got their wires crosses. 🙂

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