Animal Advocacy group in France works with CHDC to expose horse slaughter cruelty

French animal protection organization  L214 joins the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition to expose the cruel stunning and slaughter of horses in Canadian abattoirs that export horse meat to Europe:

L214 is one of the largest animal advocacy groups inFrance.   As you’re all aware, horses slaughtered in Canada end up on French plates.  This is an important outreach – and yes, we will have an English translation soon.


  1. shauna albert · ·

    Horses should not b eaten. They are magnificent , majestic creatures.

  2. shoshone · ·

    Seventy million dollars worth of horsemeat is shipped from Alberta and Quebec to Europe every year. Now with the co-operation of the Animal Advocacy in France, horse meat customers will learn that horse meat is even more tainted than meat from other factory farmed animals. They were willing to pay a premium because they thought it was drug free. Now the real truth will be told.

  3. fran sherwood · ·

    merci beaucoup



  5. Janet Schultz · ·

    Unity is going to make the ban happen. All horsepeople standing to protect our beloved equids will make this happen.

  6. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Awesome indeed! Can’t wait for the English version.

  7. Awesome news!

  8. Cat Kindsfather · ·

    Great to realize this! Thank you CHDC & L214, for working together. End horse slaughter once & for all. Why should our horses end up on dinner plates.

    We don’t eat horses in America! We love them.

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