Can you help Refuge RR?

Your help is urgently needed, ASAP, to support the provision of food and water for the hundreds of animals at Refuge RR for Horses.

Refuge RR, a 70-acre sanctuary located east of Ottawa near Alexandria, has rescued, rehabilitated and provided permanent homes for thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned animals in its 20 years, including horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs.

Before coming to RR, they were beaten, broken, starved, confined, castrated, de-beaked, dumped and otherwise horrifically abused. As of right now, these animals need you to help raise $5,000 to pay for repairs to the refuge’s water well and pump, and $12,000 to buy hay feed for the winter.

Refuge RR for Horses is operated by its founder, Rose Gergely, relying on her vast experience, the expertise of veterinarians, technicians and other professionals utilized (at great cost) by the refuge, and the expertise and support of dedicated volunteers. The formidable challenge for RR, as with animal organizations in general, is raising funds—which is where you come in.

If you wish to support RR Refuge in providing food and water for its animals, please either visit RR’s donations page at  and click on the Canada Helps link, or, if you’re donating by cheque, please make it out to “Refuge RR for Horses” and mail your donation to 21305 Concession 10 RR 2, Alexandria ON  K0C 1A0. 


In so doing, please write a note in the Canada Helps message box or on your cheque indicating that your donation is for the “Winter 2012 Fundraising Drive.” You’ll be issued a tax receipt for a donation of $25+, as RR is a federally registered charitable organization.

For more information on Refuge RR for Horses and all the amazing Earthlings they have saved and continue to save, please visit .

On behalf of the animals, thank you in advance for your support.


  1. I sponsor a horse and donate as much as I can to Refuge RR. The animals are well cared for with love and compassion. Rose has achieved miracles to find good forever homes for hundreds, if not thousands, of animals from terrible abuse, neglect and slaughter when no one else cared or could not help. The ones that are unadoptable remain at the sanctuary for the remainder of their lives. I have never met anyone so devoted as she has been to her beloved animals. Please help Refuge RR for the animals’ sake!

  2. I have visited and volunteered for the refuge for many years now. I can only state that Rose has saved hundreds of horses that were often tortured, neglected, starved and abused. The horses are healthy and well treated and Rose battles since 20 years to continue this mission under the hardest of circumstances. We cannot ignore these realities and the tremendous work that she is doing. The sanctuary houses 400 animals of which around 80 are horses that can live their lives in peace. They deserve our support and I will certainly help!

  3. Wishing much Luck to this Refuge. I have written once in 2010 and another time in 2011. Never was replyed back. 😦 tks. No comments plz.

  4. shoshone · ·

    Please donate. Every little bit helps.

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