CHDC launches “Homeless Horses” page on our blog

We’ve launched a new page on our blog for those horses who are especially at risk due to circumstances beyond their control.  We have one entry so far and the page can be viewed here:

Because this is volunteer run, regrettably, we can’t post every horse that is looking for a home but will concentrate on those who are at imminent risk.  We ask for your understanding.



    We have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with horses that are destined for certain death. The people that own a slaughter yard have been kind enough to allow us to go onto there property and purchase any horses that we think could have another purpose.
    We have found sound broke horses and many young, beautiful, reg prospects.
    We are not looking to make a buck here, if you are interested in anyone please let us know. The meat buyer pays for horses by the pound. These are horses you could bring home VERY cheap.
    A trailer of these horses is leaving for slaughter
    Sat and go on a weekly basis.

    We apologize however we are not able to bring anyone to the slaughter yard. The yard is not open to the public. We have been very blessed to be allowed to go in and pull out who ever we can. We are happy to provide pics. If you tell us what you are looking for.

    If you are not able to help now, this is an ongoing thing. There will be horses coming in and going out on a regular basis here so there are many opportunities to help.

    If you are looking for a horse why not give someone a second chance 🙂
    Prices from $300 up.
    We can help with delivery 🙂

    Call Sandy 403-993-2791 or
    Colleen 403-815-7543

  2. How do we get more in involved in this site..hard to figure out…for me anyways…lol

    1. Nothing for you to do unless you know of a horse that is in a dire situation and needs re-homing. Just send information on the horse along with a photo if possible to

  3. paula peterson · ·

    I went to kajiiji to let the party who posted it know of a horse rescue that could be called in Alberta.
    It’s name is Dare to Dream Horse Rescue. Just information to pass on in Alberta who can help and there are other reputable rescues in various parts of Alberta.
    I went to the kajjiji page for Cole and the ad is gone…….I hope he got a home but I fear it was too late. Maybe Coles situation can save others.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. I hope he’s ok.

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