Horse once destined for slaughter becomes USEF Horse of the Year

By Elizabeth Batt

Jan 16, 2012

It reads like the trailer for a new movie.  Failed racehorse Neville Bardos, an Australian Thoroughbred who was written off as a disaster and sent to the slaughterhouse, just became the USEF Horse of the Year.

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  1. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    Very well said, Barb3000

  2. Barb3000 · ·

    Follow the money. That’s the only thing the racing industry understands. The trainers are working to train money winning winners. The breeders don’t care what happens to the horses they help to create. None of them ever consider the fact that racing may not be the horses talent. Some like to run and some don’t. But even at that, the way these horses are whipped all the way around the track you really don’t know the outcome what a horse can really do unless the owner’s try something else and lay off of the beatings. Races should be run with out whips.

  3. Heather · ·

    There are probably thousands of horses, who, given a second chance at life would be remarkable as well. How sad that we treat these beautiful, intelligent animals with such horrific abuse.



  5. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    What a great story although I wish all the stories had such a happy ending as this 😦

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