Over 250 draft mix babies, mares and others need homes ASAP

The horseandman web site has this alert posted:

OVER 250 Draft Mix babies, Mares… and Nicely Bred QH available NOW: Need homes by Jan 21.

I don’t usually publish ‘alerts for homes needed’ because it is so emotionally overwhelming to have this mad rush in just a few days… especially when I cannot control the information and don’t have any feet on the ground.

Having said that, I greatly respect Animali Farm and how they are trying to help the last of the PMU horses find a better life.  Animali does not rescue them, they facilitate for individuals and the ranch owners.  Animali is the gateway.  They have a long standing relationship with these ranchers and have saved many horses.

So, these horses are said to go to slaughter on Jan 21st.  I do know that it is true that these horses will most likely end up in slaughter very soon.  Most of them are very healthy, fat and fit – perfect for a meat buyer.  Animali will know these details.

Please go to this site for more information:


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