Winnipeg Restaurant has Horse on the Menu

We were advised by a supporter of a restaurant in Winnipeg Manitoba that has horsemeat on the menu.  

We’ve included screen shots showing the home page for the restaurant, the top of the page for their dinner menu and then a shot showing horsemeat and also yummy bone marrow micro salad!

Restaurant home page

Header for dinner menu

Menu showing horsemeat

(Click the image to enlarge)

If you woule like to write to them about this, we have prepared a template that points out the dangers of serving our friends on a dinner plate.

Letter to Restaurants that serve Horsemeat:

In October 2010, NBC station WTHR in Indiana released an investigative report on horses sent to slaughter from the Canada.  The report can be found at this link:

Within this report is a 7:07 minute video, which includes a segment that should be of interest to you.  At 4:58 on the video, Martin Kouprie, chef and owner of Pangaea restaurant in Toronto, states that he no longer serves horsemeat since it is unregulated“I cannot in good conscience serve that to my customers,” said Kouprie. “Every ingredient in my kitchen has a story, and if I don’t know that story, I cannot serve it.”

Since your restaurant serves, or has served horsemeat, I thought you should know about this startling information.  You may be under the impression that horses are purpose raised for slaughter, but horsemeat that is sold in restaurants in Canada through Richelieu Meats and La Petite Nation slaughterhouses are not purpose bred.  The meat is sourced from horses of unknown origin that are shipped from auctions in the U.S.and Canada.  Many are treated with banned substances not intended for human consumption.  Mr. Kouprie’s concerns are well researched and very real.

The Toronto Star also reported on horse slaughter in July 2011 :

Dirty Little Secret -canada’s slaughter industry under fire by Robert Cribb:–shooting-horses-canada-s-slaughter-industry-under-fire

Interesting that Toronto restaurant La Palette finally pulled horsemeat from their menu after the Star report:

If you truly care about the quality and potential harmful agents in the food you serve your customers, then I urge you to re-consider the serving of horsemeat at your restaurant.  More information on this can be found here:

Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,


  1. kinda late comment but just thought incase someone else is looking at this page … I checked out the menu Bistro 7 1/4 and there is not any horsemeat on the menu any longer. …. however, just as concerning is the fact that they serve •veal and foie gras
    boggles my mind how anyone with half a conscience can eat that stuff and not have a twinge of guilt.

  2. Lincoln · ·

    Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your blog posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that
    deal with the same topics? Appreciate it!

  3. Jessica Frend-Meyers · ·

    As a horse owner, I wouldn’t personally eat horse but I believe other people should be able to eat it.
    Just like any other animal, these horses are raised for human consumption.

    Bistro 7 1/4 is one of the best restaurants I have eaten at and I have dined all over the world. Chef Alex does an amazing job and I know he wouldn’t serve anything that he doesn’t believe in/wouldn’t eat himself.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    1. Since you are a horse owner you need to educate yourself on horses raised for meat. There are VERY FEW ranches that raise horses specifically for meat. I know of a few in Manitoba but they sell to Japan none of the horses are slaughtered here. You also should watch a few videos taken at the slaughter plants. Horses are routinely abused, cruely treated and inhumanely slaughtered, often still concious when they are having their throats hacked open and when they begin to skin them. So as a horse owner myself, I did educate myself and as a person who once so foolishly believed horse slaughter had a place I NO LONGER beleive that. Go to You Tube and watch the videos and educate yourself before making statements like above.

  4. I think a few letters to the editor in that area would really help. Educate the other patrons of what is being served, it may affect his business and he will make the right decision to take it off the menu?

  5. shoshone · ·

    I had a reply back from the restaurant already. The meat he uses is from an Alberta ranch and raised expressly for meat so drugs are not supposed to be involved.

    1. Maybe drugs aren’t involved (doubt it, though, oh, call me cynical 🙂 but a violent end of life for these horses would be involved.

  6. I left a comment in the chefs blog page,hopefully it will show up and educate him on the truth of the horsemeat trade!

  7. shoshone · ·

    If everyone that wants horse slaughter for human consumption shut down would write a letter to the Winnipeg restaurant it would be a start. No business wants bad publicity. One at a time, we can stop restaurants serving horse meat before it becomes a common practice.

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