UPDATE – Mare and foal in Thunder Bay

Good news from Dorothy:

Chip-in account set up here: http://horsesineed.chipin.com/mare-and-foal

Horses are in a safe location as of this afternoon…incredible foot work but its done.
We still need to raise price of $500 dollars to keep them safe and “sold”…
Please ask people to contact rescues and or sympathetic horse owners who want more “pets”.. OR want to donate.
Rescue or forever home required..current location is very temporary.



  1. Joyce redden · ·

    I believe that trailering these two any great distance this time of year could jeopardize their health. My personal thoughts are; that they should be relocated as close as possible to Thunder Bay area. I’d hate to see them come down with shipping fever.

    1. Dorothy · ·

      its -30 tommorow…Canada is a cold place…winter is hard enough..brrr

  2. Dorothy · ·

    Cost of mare and foal is five hundred…shipping fees is very dependent on where they go. We are located in NW Ontario…a drive to Toronto is fourteen hours by car, trailer, truck longer….usually over a thousand dollars to ship one horse with a transport company. I know its vague but without investigating specifically I just don’t know. Border documents would be required to go to the states…as well as appropriate vaccinations to be in rest areas safely. These two have never been vaccinated and are unfamiliar with trailers…we are working on the loading portion…to decrease uncertainty and stress.

  3. Jenny Mehrtens · ·

    Where are they? In Canada? Shipping fees? Cost for both mare and foal $500.00 additional? Trying to figure out total cost for them to California? Thank you, Jenny

  4. Jenny Mehrtens · ·

    also, what would it cost if I wanted to have a mare here at our ranch to foal? It would be a safe place for at least one. We have all drafts here at our home. Percherons, Clydesdale and spotted. Some are from previous PMU.

    1. Dorothy · ·

      The foal is five months old, the mare is about twelve…they come as a pair. Please let us know if this interests you. Thanks.

  5. Jenny Mehrtens · ·

    Where are the horses now?

    1. Dorothy · ·

      Thee Horses are with a kind family in the area…they wish to not be named.

      The funds for the horses “price” have not yet been raised..so we set up a chip in account for this purpose as well as for transport..to a not yet found rescue or forever home. The filly is not yet weaned and life has been scary enough so we want to ensure that the two stay together and weaning can happen later on down… the road under the right timeline and circumstances…not now.

      http://horsesineed.chipin.com/mare-and-foal This service uses paypal as its method of sending funds. It is therefore safer then handing out information online via a network of animal lovers who don’t know each other..best to be safe rather then sorry.

      I can be contacted at this email address or via the blog if anyone wants any specific questions answered. We as a group of concerned horse lovers in NW Ontario want to be as open as possible…and will do our best to answer emails and blog questions as quickly as possible…working full time and caring for our own resuces / pets makes for a busy day but we are doing our best to stay on top of these questions.

      Thank you


    2. Dorothy · ·


      Pictures can be viewed on this facebook link. 🙂

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