Racehorses of Canada – networking to place Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds

A Facebook page has been created to network for former racehorses both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds.

From the Facebook page:

I’ve heard and read of so many ex racehorses being sent to auction marts once their racing careers are over.They did their part and I strongly believe that they deserve a second life. The one that many other horses enjoy. A pet or a good trail companion. So I’ve decided to create this page to post the off track Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds that are up for adoption across Canada. Please help the…se lovely creatures find new homes!

I do not own any of these horses but am trying to find them homes. If you own a TB or STB or know anyone who needs to rehome their off track horse, please contact me via racehorsesofcanada@live.com.  I will post them on this page.

Again, I don’t own any of these horses. Or any of the photos accept the profile picture. If anyone is interested in any of these horses, please use the contact information beneath the horse photo to get a hold of the owner or rescue.

I’m doing this for the off track horses. They need a home and love too. And a chance to know what relaxation is. Give them a chance.

 Any questions, tips or concerns, please mailto: racehorsesofcanada@live.com . Thanks! And don’t forget to share!



  1. paula peterson · ·

    It would be a good thing to find out what each tracks is doing in regarding to retiring racehorses. I know there is one out of Hastings Park in BC. and also theLongrun Thoroughbred Society which was started by jockeys, trainers etc to help find their TBs a happy home after racing career. I am only famliar with those 2 but there are alot of rescues. Not sure if this is helpful but finding out what rescues are located and see if some folks could board retirees awaiting placement like they do with dogs at rescue. Just some thoughts to help out.
    In the meantime, much good luck and success .



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