OSPCA has horses for adoption

From their web site:  The OSPCA has horses now available for adoption. All the horses are throughbreeds and all are well mannered (even the stallions) and would make good pets.

For more information please click: http://www.ontariospca.ca/horses.shtml



  1. Oh, please. I will so not click on that.
    Thoroughbreeds? Could someone please do spell check?
    How convenient, they have TB’s available suddenly, now. Where are they, up in that 705 asrea code again? Tracy Lapping? I smell good PR machine, myself.

    1. Im sorry horse in the garage i had no idea about this type of case, dr. pat is correct, they have the spca good things but are or did drop the ball big on this horse, my heart is broken

  2. Thank you for all you do to help the horses, hats off to you ospca.

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