Town of Marathon does it again!

Once again, the town of Marathon, Ontario passed a motion in support of Bill C-322 Town of Marathon Motion 291 11. Many of you will recall that in September of 2010, Marathon also passed a resolution in support of C-544.  We thank and applaud the Mayor and Council Members of Marathon for their support of Bill C-322 once again!


  1. Thanks to an obviously an enlightened Canadian community! Marathon is such an appropriate name, considering this is going to be a very long race. I’m in the U.S. As You know, our Congress is unwilling to even allow the anti-slaughter bills out of committee for reconciliation and a floor vote, which I deem a betrayal of its function. I believe anti-slaughter would pass, because the ratio of reps and senators from the progressive East and Far West vs. the entrenched Mid-west and Western states. So our only option is to introduce bills in states and municipalities, and then work like heck to get them passed.

  2. thank you town of marathon

  3. Dorothy · ·

    This might sound silly but where do I find the information regarding what this “bill” says…Please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Kudos to the Town of Marathon, wherever you are located. We will conquer one town at a time.

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