Appalachian Chief – Final Update

One of our supporters saw this Facebook posting on Sunday.

To all who tried to help Appalachian Chief: He was put down on the side of HW 27 by his owner.  The farm owner where he was boarded offered to buy him as did some of their boarders.  When the farm owner refused to have a healthy horse put down on his farm, the horse owner led him to the side of the road

 RIP, Chief.

If you did not know Chief’s story you can read it here:


When Chief won the Cup and Saucer


  1. Jill and Andy · ·

    Chief is gone . We will never forget you ……We tried ……sweet man to save you. . We tried everything that we could do and I mean everything to save your life …..I wish you were here so i could hug you and make everything ok .

  2. I was excited to see an update…pictures of a happy Chief in a new home came to mind. Then I read it…..this whole sad situation is an epic FAIL, from his sad life in a garage to this final act by his craptacular owner. I, too, would like her identified in case I ever run into her (literally!!!) at a horse event. What a controlling nasty bitch she must be….getting some sick kick out of controlling a living beings existance and destiny. I have no problem with someone putting a sick or in pain horse down but this is just deranged. She had other people willing to buy him but she’d rather put him down, just like she kept him locked in a garage with moldy feed for some twisted reason… just shows she is one sick warped piece of s___!

    Too bad our society doesn’t do anything about that….

  3. It’s apparent to anyone looking at what was being done to Chief that a crime was committed; in fact, many crimes were committed on a daily basis for a long period of time. I find it VERY hard to believe that the OSPCA couldn’t find a reason to remove him from that hell, when it was more than clear that his living conditions violated the law (unless those looking at them simply didn’t want to see it).

    Shame on every single person involved who failed him.

    1. Sharon,
      I agree wholeheartedly. What do you do now? How do we get justice for Chief? I am a U.S. citizen who is ready to write or sign any petition asking for this woman to be charged with cruelty to an animal or calling to account the OSPCA. Tell me what I can do and I will

  4. The OSPCA is one organization I NEVER give money to. Their history of do nothing is not new to those who have tried saving animals on a regular basis. The people who work for them all have nice vehicles to drive around in & they always seem to protect the rights of the cruel abusers!

  5. HerbGirl · ·

    This makes me SICK TO DEATH! I just hear of it yesterday and now to find out that rather than being re-homed to someone who cares, he is now in fact dead. Killed by that thing called a human. I want her name and picture. She deserves the negative attention alright…just like the negative attention that the kid got who killed the swan in Stratford. He got death threats and beat up. That is what this thing called a human deserves.

  6. Phyllis · ·

    Why didn’t she go to jail being this is known?

    1. Because no crime was committed. Just ask the OSPCA. Ask. Chief’s vet.
      Please, click my name above to go to Chief’s blog. I have no sense of direction on the net. Not to the left! UP.

      Good night.

  7. Link to Chief’s Blog is to the left. Links to fugly, OSPCAtruth. and Apalachian Chief’s You-Tube Channel are all there. NAB, send your link, I lost everything in the latest computer whoops. I’ll add a link to your post. (adds to list of things to do).

    The horse was doomed the moment ownership changed. There was lots of previous history. The only legal recourse away from the owner, for this horse, was the OSPCA.
    Denise is correct. Everything legal was tried, by everybody. Believe me, everybody. The OSPCA did what they insisted was all they could legally do, and that was it. Sure. Where would the horse have possibly fit, in the OSPCA’s new facility, anyway?

    The owner didn’t have to sell the horse, and seemed to enjoy all the negative attention. I’ve heard, in that mind, nothing ill was being done to the horse. It was happy. Two VETS said so. A layman would see nothing wrong. Many others however, do seem to see something wrong.

    Try calling the police, with the sentence “There’s a skinny horse.” The owner invited police attention. This blog will make the owner happy. Some people.
    Nothing illegal was done. You can most certainly euth your own animal, for any reason you choose, if you feel like it. At least Apalachian Chief is away from that owner.

    Apalachian Chief was just another sad example of our animal welfare system. It works, except when it doesn’t. Remember, people, standards of care are only voluntary. No law against doing it wrong.

    Two vets decreed that Apalachian Chief’s care was suitable and adequate, and then Chief’s very own vet euthed him. Everyone’s happy. Money exchanged.

    I had a longer comment, but it was lost when i tried to insert a link… Not sure, anyway. If this triple posts, feel free to delete any spares.
    Thank you, CHDC.
    To Apalachian Chief.
    A long run home.

  8. Crazy Bitch…

  9. That’s very sad to see. He was a beautiful horse. If you want to see what his owner looked like, and what her name was I did write about that.

    Thanks for the update. I’d love to know WHY the bitch put him down.

    Oh, I did post her name. I should be able to locate her photo, since it seems to have since been removed from Flikr.

  10. Eleanor · ·

    The OSPCA is a gutless, useless organization. Never give them money.

  11. Horseshoe Angel · ·

    The whole problem with this? ONE: Property owner rights TWO: low standards of care as deemed by “governing bodies”.

    This horses should have been removed PRONTO by someone….anyone!!! This is like a child abuse case where the child welfare visits on a regular schedule, but failing to remove the child the FIRST time, then later the child is dead.

    THIS IS BULL POOP! Citizens MUST do more to protect and prevent!

  12. Abby House · ·

    Why doesn’t someone post her name and photo? It’s not slander if it’s true.

    1. Harassment is a word the police will take seriously. Much moreso than a skinny horse.

  13. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    This woman is one sick angry puppy. I suggest her face get circulated around so that no one sells her a horse. I hope this woman does not have children either. She should be restricted from having any animals. She obviously has some mental issues.

  14. What a needless tragedy. I cannot believe that something won’t be done to this woman who basically filled this wonderful and talented horse.

  15. Why not the police? Didn’t anyone contact them?

  16. LongRun were contacted prior to the CHDC blogging the Chief’s story, Paula. They were completely aware and to their credit, tried to intervene. All of the avenues were explored – including the ORC. The OSPCA – to their eternal discredit – did not intervene or remove the Chief from the owner, even as the Chief’s story spiraled downward. The only regulatory body that could have prevented his final outcome failed him.

  17. paula peterson · ·

    If a situation like Chiefs arises again regarding a retired racehorse such as Chieft, it is my hope that the OSPCA and perhaps the CDHC could contact the Longrun Horse Society which is run out of Woodbine or in conjuction with retired or retiring racehorses to find new homes or have a permanent horse like Chief remain on their farms. Chiefs story is sad it makes me want to cry and so angered that I hope this womans picture is circulated everywhere to warn people what she is all about.
    When you have to give up an exrace horse anyone, please call Longrun for some advice and perhaps they have people that are waiting for a horse like Chief.
    Thanks for letting me post and maybe this information will be help another Chief of prevent another Chief from same fate or worse……..if in fact it gets worse.

    1. Apparently, Long Run were aware of his situation.

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