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Horse supporter Theresa Nolet posted this excellent letter for all to use as a template to send to local newspapers and to post wherever you can.
She says to please use in its entirety or adjust to fill your needs.



Christmas is fast approaching and children all across North America are sending lists off to the North Pole and waiting to sit on Santa’s lap to tell the jolly old fellow face to face what their heart’s desire is.

At the top of the list for many will be a pony and some of the lucky ones will actually receive one. Many of these youngsters and their parents will spend the next years taking riding lessons, travelling to different events and collecting ribbons to decorate bedroom walls.

But once they go off to college the horse that meant so much that special Christmas morning will become part of their past with no place in their future, put away with all of the other symbols of their youth.  The parents then decide to sell the horse.  If the horse is lucky they will be successful finding someone to love and take care of him.  If the parents are unsuccessful the horse will be sent off to auction.

This is where the Christmas joy ends.

What most people do not know is that because of the high costs of taking care of a horse in this troubled economy, 80% plus of all horses that go through auction are purchased by people called ‘kill buyers’.  These people buy horses at low prices and ship them to slaughter for profit.  According to Agriculture Canada 87,030 horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2010, averaging  342 horses killed each work day.

The meat is mainly exported to Japan, France and Belgium.

Horses come to the slaughter house from various sources – ex race horses, event horses and the unwanted Christmas pony.  Kill buyers in theU.S. are now shipping horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

Horses are given many drugs during their lives, many of which are banned from entering the human food chain even if given only once in it’s lifetime, yet the Canadian government allows slaughter and consumption of these horses based on a Equine Information Document or EID.

Recent investigations have revealed major flaws with this document which can be seen here.

M.P. Alex Atamanenko currently has a private members bill C-322 to ban horse meat for human consumption based on the banned drugs and loopholes in the EID system.

If you want to help stop the slaughter of past Christmas ponies and childhood pets please write to your local M.P. and tell them to stand up against horse slaughter in Canada.

To learn more about horse slaughter in Canada please go to http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/ .

Get involved; speak up for these beautiful creatures who deserve so much better than to end up on a plate beside the mashed potatoes in a foreign country.

Surely that is NO child’s Christmas wish.


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    1. The link has been corrected. Thanks!

  2. linda badham · ·

    if someone wants to get a pony for xmas then go save one thats doomed !

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