Letter from MP Alex Atamanenko to new President of the CFIA

MP Alex Atamanenko has written a letter to the new head of the CFIA outlining concerns about drugs in horsemeat.

Dapont ltr english

dapont_cfia_phenylbutazone_fr_25oct11 – FR


  1. Maria Quinones · ·

    THIS IS UGLY TO TREATED THE HORSES LIKE GARAGE! THEY GOT FEELING JUST LIKE US.. PLEASE HELP WHERE IS THE LOVE? please help them to find a way to survive with love and peaceful place to live!

    1. DENNIS DAVEY · ·

      Maria This mass slaughter of horses was implemented by our govt. They seen opportunity when the united states PUBLIC shut down this barbarbic industry at home.A CIVILIZED decision for sure. In contrast the canadian govt boasts of killing 89030 horses in2010.this barbaric industry could not have happened had the head of the dept .of agriculture not licenced this barbaric industry. two thirds of canadians want this stopped,but it continues.SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE EH. Write minister gerry ritz to convey your disgust with this UNCIVILIZED industry.

      1. Jeanne laperle · ·

        Hello! I am trying to talk to someone. No phone number or contact???? I desperately need somebody from your organization to get in touch with me. I live in Québec and I am actively working on something that should be BIG (on TV). I found you with Twyla Francois..

        There is a momentum now because of the second slaughterhouse in Québec being videotaped after the infamous Richelieu. I KNOW that I can DO something. But I need datas!!! So please, someone, contact me!!!

      2. Hi, Jeanne. Thank you for bringing it to our attention that we didn’t have contact info on the blog! Please email us at info@defendhorsescanada.org
        Thank you.

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