EWA Leadership Blasts Wallis’ Defense of Woman Who Crawled Inside Bloody Horse Carcass After Killing, Also Make Strong Allegations of Misrepresentations

November 7, 2011

Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

by John Holland & Vicki Tobin

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Preferring to deal in facts, we prefer not to editorialize about personalities. However, sometimes a public figure will say something so revealing about their motives and ethical beliefs that it suddenly shines a light into motives that had never seen light.

We are, of course, referring to the heretofore enigma that was Sue Wallis, WY state representative and self appointed scientist, veterinarian, medical doctor and omnipotent master of all aspects of horses and their welfare.

In recent years, Sue Wallis has effectively galvanized the pro-horse slaughter movement and become its undisputed leader. As she has accomplished this, she has become ever more vitriolic in her attacks against those she sees as “animal rights extremists”, blaming them for all manner problems facing the horse industry, and immediately proclaiming that any evidence emerging to the contrary is a lie.

The rest of this excellent article can be read here:  http://horsebackmagazine.com/hb/archives/12469

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  1. Suzanne Moore · ·

    This woman is certifiable.

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