OLEX Auction – October 11, 2011

Trip to OLEX Horse Auction – Waterloo, Ontario – Tuesday, October 11, 2011

by Toronto region riding school owner and CHDC supporter Anthea Larke, Meadowlarke Stables

 Purchased 3 horses: 1 quarter horse cross, 1 Percheron cross, 1Clydecross. The quarter horse cross was very fat, so I paid 0.47 per pound for him, other overweight horses went for the same or more, and were purchased for meat.

 The Percheron cross, I paid 0.40 per pound.  That was a total rip off, as the price jumped 0.10 as soon as the auctioneer saw me bidding.  Not sure how to handle that in the future.  Clyde cross, when the price jumped again I stopped bidding, so he went for 0.20 per pound and I purchased him for $50 more off kill buyer JP Soucy fromQuebec.

 The EIDs were the usual joke.  The one for the quarter horse said he had been owned for seven months, there was a note with it and the previous owner’s number.   I called this man and he told me that he had only owned the horse for two weeks!

 Only one of the three EIDs had a signature at the bottom that was the same as the name on the top!

 Another observation to the positive for once, was that I watched Jeff Grof load his horses.  Clean shavings on the floor of the truck and all on only one deck.  However, there was an incident after the auction where a stallion was put in a pen with Jeff’s other horses.  He was being very aggressive, I pointed it out and it was dealt with immediately, and the stallion segregated.

 As far as buyers go, there were only 4 non meat buyers, myself being one of them.   Most of the bidding was between Jeff Grof and Dan Albrecht (working in the auction ring and bidding for JP Soucy).  About 60 horses went through, I would say 50 for meat, sooooo sad. 

 I am haunted as usual by all those doomed faces.



Horses in OLEX kill pens

June 2009


  1. Catherine · ·

    The sad fact is that horse slaughter is a necissary evil to an industry that values young horses an anything over the age of 10 is considered old, washed up and only good for meat. Thousands of mares are bred every year just because their owner thinks that it would be cute to get a baby from them or maybe they can produce a million dollar race horse. Once baby comes many of them keep the youngster and dump the mother onto an already saturated market. You want to stop horse slaughter then when looking for a riding horse look at an older horse as they have already been there and done that. Look at the off track thoroughbreds as 99% of them turn out to be the quietest horse that you have ever taken down a trail. You want an endurance horse then look at an off track standerbred they have endurance to spare and make amazing riding horses. Just because you have a mare or a colt doesn’t mean that you have to breed them. Geld your colts, break and train your mares but most of all don’t look down upon a horse that may be 10 or older they are amazing rides and are still functional for up to 20 years of pleasure riding and showing. Look at many of the top horses that were showing in the top ranks until well into their teens. Hickstead, Big Ben and many of the top jumping and dressage horses. Think about it. You want to stop horse slaughter then change peoples way of thinking and operating in the horse world.

  2. Tracee · ·

    Hi there everyone!! My name is Tracee Dewan and I am desperately trying to start up a horse rescue in the GTA area in ontario. I am looking to dedicate every minute of every day to rescueing any and all horses I can from the meat buyers at the auctions starting with the toad hall auction. If anyone would like to help in anyway please add me to facebook…… I will also will be setting up a charity for this if anyone is interested.

    1. Catherine · ·

      If you want to rescue then come down to Fort Erie when the track here closes there will be plenty of horses sent to auction and because they are thoroughbreds they will be considered useless. These horses are easy to retrain I have taken some hard cases and now they are being ridden by kids.

  3. How can I get in touch with Soucy? Please email me jennifer.keeler30@gmail.com
    Trying to get a horse that he got from a recent auction.

  4. Erica Trimble · ·

    Was anyone at the sale on December 20, 2011?? I just found out that an old horse of mine was sent there….I am desperately hoping that someone save him!! He’s a bay TB gelding with a white spot on his forehead….he had bad knees. Please let me know if anyone saw him.

    1. I was not at this sale . I really hope your guy was saved by someone . Best of luck looking for him.

  5. Looking for a pony to save before Xmas the sale on December 20 Have there been a lot of ponies at the last few sales anyone ?? Does not need to be fancy just a quiet pony 12 to 14 hands ??

  6. Debbie Horne · ·

    Thank God for people like you……as I am typing this my eyes are welled up with tears…..wish I could help them!!!!!!!! I certainly will be spreading the word.

  7. Thanks for being there to save at least a few of those horses that were doomed. I have purchased a few there also. I only wish I have a large cash flow to save more. It breaks my heart to see those horses that have been with a family for years and then they end up at Olex.

  8. Of-course, just like every time, i hear the word “auction”, now, it brings me tears of sadness & fustration. #60 beautiful souls lost in pens and #50 went to slaughter!? Oh, that word “slaughter”..Plz folks, remember to support new Bill C-322 in canada, and tks once again to a brave-hearted person, for sharing this story. As much as it hurts, continue your efforts, your caring and sharing your concerns to us. Tks, Merci! (Qc.)

  9. Sue Sargent · ·

    I can’t imagine being amongst a bunch of kill buyers. Thanks so much for attending the auctions, for speaking out for those that can’t and for saving those that you have.

  10. This brings tears to my eyes

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