Orangeville, Ontario – TB filly looking for a home

She is sound but has sweeling on her front leg. The owner does not want to come get her and has given her to me. She does not fit in my program, and I has NO USE for her. She is not broke and has not been handled much. Does like to be scatch and patted some. Has had her shots in March and feet done, 2 months ago.



  1. Unfortunately I didn’t get her because the owner didn’t e-mail me back the ad is off now. I can only hope for the best:(

  2. Hi, Hannah. Please update us if you’re successful in acquiring this filly.

  3. I might be getting this filly I have e-mailed if she goes to me she will be re-adopted out and will be safe forever:)

  4. MaryElizabeth Willett · ·

    if you live in the huron perth area of ontario and want this filly, I can most likely transport her. pm me on facebook if so. Mary willett

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