Horses Targeted Again

 We have to ask, is the horse slaughter industry on a marketing campaign??

 Toronto restaurateurs defend controversial meat dish

Louise Andre
Published 11 May 2011

La Palette offers a dish that is both unique and controversial. People either love it or hate it.

Last year, the restaurant had about 20 protesters outside the establishment protesting the controversial dish. The protesters held signs and spoke into megaphones to make their voices heard. Brook Kavanagh, a chef at La Palette, went out to meet the protesters.

“Once they realized I was actually there to talk to them and have a rational face-to-face conversation, they were OK,” he said.

Brooke Kavanagh serves horse meat at La Palette

Eating horse meat has been common in Europe for a long time and, while it is available inNorth America, eating it has yet to become a widely accepted practice here. Kavanagh said he was 14 when he first heard about horse meat from an Italian butcher. He said for a couple years horse meat at La Palette was only offered to customers verbally, in order to gauge whether or not they would like it. It has since been physically added to the menu.

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  1. So does he serve the bute on the side, or as a sauce? I read the article and, as Vicki says, never saw a bridle–yeah, right! He says the supplier “assures” him the horses are purpose-raised; so when they get sick (before the supplier slaughters them) what does he (not) give them as treatment (and if they’re never treated for illness, are they slaughtered even if diseased and then plated-up at this guy’s restaurant)? Finally, the most Howdy Doody remark was “if you’re a food lover, you’ll try anything, even horse meat.” Well, I guess that’s what the pig farmer was who is now on trial for not only murdering 26 women but serving up their flesh to guests: a real food lover.

  2. Vicki · ·

    I posted a reply directly to them. How naive was that stupid chef? Never saw a bridle..blah, blah. I’m, again, embarrased to be a Cdn…..

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