Florida rejects Farm Bill

Florida was in position to pass a seriously bad Bill that would prohibit the taking of images of any sort from a roadway of any farm or place where animals could be in harm’s way.

 The Bill went to the Florida House on Friday and we have this message from Richard Couto of ARM (Animal Recovery Mission www.animalrecoverymission.org)

 “Thanks to Valerie Azar of ARM and all of you the Farm Bill ( making it illegal to take pictures of abuse in farms ) didn’t make it out of the house on Friday. The bill is now dead!”

 Even with this good news, Richard and his group still have much work to do.


Mare at an illegal Florida slaughter farm - Photo courtesy of Richard Couto




  1. Finally, some good news..

  2. Oh thank GOD. That was the most ASININE thing EVER. Fantastic!!!!!

  3. Reisa · ·

    Thank the horse gods! This Bill would have meant the suffering of many more horses. Richard Couto does incredible work tracking and shutting down these illegal slaughter farms, where horses are butchered alive with blow torches and knives.

    Richard is a former SPCA office, now dedicated to his own organization. I recommend Friending him on Facebook and following his battles. ESPN just aired a special about his work on Kentucky Derby weekend. This guy is fierce, effective, and deserves support.

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