Letter in Saddleup Magazine

A letter written by Donna Cromarty was recently published in Saddleup Magazine that very eloquently speaks to the cruelty of slaughter but also offers a couple of solutions.  Donna’s letter is on Page 7.

There was also a not so great letter on the same page but we’ll ignore that one!

One comment

  1. An excellent biography of Velma Johnston “Wild Horse Annie” has been published by Alison Griffiths and David Cruise. In the 50s, this woman took on the US Bureau of Land Management and changed the course of American law regarding their mustangs. To the end of her life, Velma never gave up trying to protect and preserve the freedom of the american mustang. The authors do a spectacular job of writing about the insurmountable challenges this woman had to overcome as well as depicting the culture of the 50s (which, it seems to me sometimes, we’re still trying to overcome). Go to: http://www.alisongriffiths.ca
    Annie’s story reminds me of the great work of WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta Society) who are devoted to protecting Canada’s few surviving mustangs. Go to:
    http://www.northernhorse.com/wildhorses/index.php The photos alone will uplift you.

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