October 4th, 2010 Anti Horse Slaughter Protests Garner Much Media Coverage

 The October 4th protests organized by the Ottawa Animal Defence League received much media coverage across the country.

 The protesters were helping to raise awareness of horse slaughter in Canada and Bill C-544 which would end this horrible business.

 Protests were held in Charlottetown, Edmonton, Nanaimo, Halifax, Winnipeg with an appearance from Rooster the rescued pony, Bouvry headquarters in Calgary, a gourmet butcher selling horse meat in Vancouver, three restaurants in Toronto, Bouvry slaughterhouse in Fort Macleod, and Richelieu slaughterhouse in Massueville.

A big thank you to all who participated and to all of those who were there in spirit!

Richelieu closed for the day but they went back to killing the next day but it proved that these hell holes do not like having the spotlight shining on them.



The protesters at Richelieu Meats in Quebec spoke to a man who had intended on bringing a horse there to be slaughtered because the horse only had one testicle.  That’s a very good reason to kill a horse.

That encounter is related in more detail below by horse welfare advocate, Cynthia.

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 Equine welfare advocate Cynthia provides a more detailed report from Richelieu Meats:

 “I took 17 pix.  Radio coverage reached my elderly friend at noon:  it was so graphic, she could hardly bear to listen (good!).  “I had no idea!” she said to me later on the phone. She supports several animal groups as it is. 

About 30 people…half and half French/English.  The owner of Ecuries Diabolo which has rescued over 400 horses this year alone came in her horse trailer.  At first, we stopped her, thinking she was bringing horses to slaughter.  But she explained that she had to be there on behalf of all the voiceless beauties.

 As I was leaving after nearly two hours, a Quebecker pulled up in a Silverado pick up.  I asked him (in French) if he was there to join us.  He was there to fill out a prelim form to send his young stallion to slaughter.  I walked him over to the group (he’s in the 2nd pic, short, with the blue vest)

 We pleaded with him, offered him $ ($350, what the abattoir was going to give him).

 After 45 mins., he drove away.  He didn’t believe that a sanctuary (like RR or Diabolo) wouldn’t sell, use, or mistreat a stallion the St. Hyacinthe vets had told him had an undropped testicle (he wanted him for breeding; a 5 year old).  He said Richelieu shoots the horse dead in front of him (the owner); that there was no cruelty.

 We inundated him with the facts.  Do you think they’re stupid enough to treat your horse like they treat all the others WHILE YOU’RE STANDING THERE WATCHING AS A WITNESS! 

 I and two others described RR and how the owner keeps all animals until they die a natural death or finds good retirement homes for them.  Nothing worked. One woman gave him her card and begged him to give us 24 hrs. The owner of Diabolo said she’d go look at the horse, pick it up and drive it to RR.  Nothing seemed to persuade him (and, God knows, I did well enough imitating a terrified horse, head constantly moving.  Like one of my brothers, he was a hunter.  I explained that a 22 cannot be used on a horse….oh it went on for a while.)

Photo above: the hopelessly inaccurate method of killing horses at Richelieu Meats.  This is what Joe was saved from.

Joe today, happy at his foster home.

I’ll put the rest on my new blog (which I’ve linked to CHDC).  I must say there were two women there, black-haired and dressed in black; French and very vocal.  They were great.  I was very vocal in French as I knew the abattoir workers couldn’t possibly understand any English…but these gals were very up to date, thanks to CHDC. Through the very few windows Richelieu had, at least six to eight personnel were watching (as well as one cop car and two security cars). 

 One guy from Ottawa was wearing a death’s head mask and held one of the most horrifying posters of a skinned horse head. 

 It made me nauseous, God bless him. CTV Montreal was there, and someone else from radio.  I am so happy I was able to go.  I write for 12 orgs, but sometimes, I have to “walk the walk”.  We have to get C-544 passed before I die.”

 Our thanks to Cynthia and the other supporters who looked evil in the eye at Richelieu!

 A small group of people showed up at the Bouvry Exports plant in Fort MacLeod October 4th to protest against what they consider is the unethical slaughter of horses.

Demonstrator Joie Bilodeau told reporters, “It’s all about getting them into that stun box and killing them and getting them onto the line and shipping off their meat.  They just don’t seem to care about the horse’s well being.”

The group in Fort MacLeod was among ten protest groups across the country supporting a federal NDP private members bill.

The bill would effectively shut down the slaughtering of horses for human consumption in Canada.

About 94,000 horses were killed in Canadian slaughter plants last year.

At least half of those animals were imported from the United States where horse slaughter is banned.

The Fort MacLeod organizers downplayed the small turnout at the protest.

“We know that it’s not so much the size of the protest, its how much fight and with us protesting today, it’s just making awareness.  So the protest itself is not the important thing it’s the support we can gain.” said Bilodeau.

Below is a raw video feed of the protest from October 4th.




  1. “Joe” looks identical to the “dream horse” I’ve wanted since I was a kid.
    I can’t imagine anyone being so cruel to an innocent animal, especially one that I’ve spent my whole life dreaming of. It’s awful.
    I would have loved to protest alongside you guys.

  2. I am doing an independent study on Oregon horse auctions and have been unable to get the most basic data on horses sold at commercial auctions every year: the total number, breeds, ages, and how many end up in kill buyer transport to Canada and Mexico. I see from your website that 94,000 horses are slaughtered in Canada every year. Would anyone know or have an estimate of how many are coming from Oregon? If not, can you suggest any sources for this info? Thanks for your assistance and I commend you for the difficult struggle you have taken.

  3. […] October The Ottawa Animal Defence League organized a Canada-wide protest against horse slaughter, which was well attended and covered by media across the country.  Rallies took place at horse slaughter plants Bouvry Exports in AB and Richelieu Meats in QC, at restaurants in Toronto known for serving horsemeat, as well as other similar locations across the country:  https://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/october-4th-2010-anti-horse-slaughter-…. […]

  4. *Sandra* · ·

    This article was Great, guys! Tks so much. Merci!
    I wish this would all, just STOP.Maybe in my dreams, but, sometimes, dreams come true, when you really believe in something..Horses need us, they are the 3rd most abused and neglected animals, in Canada, right now..We need more and more people to open their eyes!…Not one day, goes by, that I don,t think of them..I keep all my Horse pictures, close by, secured in Albums, and will never be forgotten! Now, thats something, eh..Once in a while, I lite candles, for all these souls waiting for their deaths, in the shades of night and pray, this will end. To much of this holocaust, goes on, to much to handle, and to much to save..Plz, to all Horses-owners, out there, Think twice, before you give up your Friend. Let your heart decide, not just the $. Tks

  5. “Photo above: the hopelessly inaccurate method of killing horses at Richelieu Meats. This is what Joe was saved from.”

    Thanks for being there.

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