October 21, 2010 – UPDATE

MANVERS TWP. – Police released the names Thursday of the driver’s involved in a serious collision involving a car and tractor-trailer on Hwy. 35 near Hwy. 7A on Monday.

Koon, Lai, 54, of Ajax was airlifted to Toronto’s Sunnybrook hospital with life-threatening injuries after firefighters extricated him from a car after the 7:15 p.m. crash north of the south junction of the highways.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Ronald Fletcher, 38, of Fenelon Falls, was not hurt.

Six of the two dozen horses in the trailer were killed, police said.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call them at 324-6741.

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 October 19, 2010

 MANVERS TWP. – A man was hurt when a car collided with a tractor-trailer carrying two dozen horses on Hwy. 35 near Hwy. 7A Monday night was airlifted to Sunnybook hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said.

It took firefighters from divisions in Bethany and Pontypool, called about 7:11 p.m., about 45 minutes to free the man from a 2003 Chevrolet, cutting the car’s roof off with the Jaws of Life.

The man was then taken by land ambulance to the Lindsay airport where he was loaded into an air ambulance. The driver of the tractor trailer was not hurt.

Six of the 24 horses died in the crash, City of Kawartha Lakes OPP said. The others were transferred to another vehicle, police said.

The highway was closed for about 11 hours as collision investigators probed the cause of the crash, which happened just north of the south junction of Hwy. 35 and Hwy. 7A where the latter route extends east to Bethany and Peterborough.

The names of those involved have not been released.


View of the coffin where the horses died

Cab of trailer




  1. Horse Translator · ·

    Accidents are always trajic! Never a happy ending! Having owned and trained and rescued horses for most of my life, it does make me sad to see any animal suffer. Saving all the animals would be a nice idea only where would all the money come from? 200 dollars donation is fantastic as seen on other threads but doesn’t provide care for 1 horse for even 1 month. I’m also confused about the comments made on a simple farmer making a living. Quick to draw judgment but don’t we all need to make a living? Money is our main thing, for all of us. For all the meat eaters, you need farmers who feed and raise these animals. Cows, pigs, sheep, deer, horses!! Ect….. The only way to stop any animal from being killed and ate is to stop consumption. Impossible!! Demand is what creates it. Providing a service is a way to make a living. Now if there was a way to save all the unwanted, overbread, abused and misstreated horses out there, it would be done. But once again, we need money. Would you loose your home to feed a starving horse? Would you take food away from yout family to buy a bale of hay? Let’s be realistic. Yes its sad! Horses are majestic and beautiful animals. They are also expensive and require constistant care. If someone is willing to pay me for boarding and input cost and wages for my time, then it would be a great! Only in a perfect world! Until then, we live in a dog eat dog world!

  2. Janet Dufresne · ·

    What is the matter with these trucking companies? It is clearly illegal to transport horses in double decker trucks in the US and yet we are finding it still happening. I Just viewed a 906 page report that showed horrific evidence of what happens to horses in these trucks. Pictures of horses with there eyes kicked out legs broken off and backs gashed wide open babies trampled to death and horses being stood on. This travisty and discusting situation has to stop !

  3. Sandra Lovell · ·

    Shipping horses in two decker cattle trucks and taking them to slaughter houses has been going on for a number of years. It is absolutely sickening colts, stallions, etc. are put in these God awful trucks where they can’t raise their heads or protect themselves. Some of them arrive with their heads all cut and the animals fight. A horse was not meant to be in these trucks. Why does Canada have slaughter houses and Mexico is the other country were the horses are stabbed to death. My God OSPCA you are such failures.

  4. Donna Gasbarro · ·

    Horrible beyond words.
    Please put an end to Horse slaughter and support Americas Horse Rescues. Call your senators and tell them to support bill.H.R.503/SB 727.
    Our horses should not end up on someones dinner plate.

  5. Lana Marie · ·

    WHY ARE HORSES BEING HAULED IN ””CATTLE”’ TRUCKS????? Is this not illegal?? God I hope these horse slaughterhouses are shut down for good!!!! SIGN the petitions & make you voice be heard!! We have seen whats going on with the transport of horses – never mind the horrendous torture at these plants!!! Support the rescues out there! NOT one horse deserves this treatment!

  6. What happen to the 6 horses that made it!? Did they still ship them? Or were they saved?

  7. Shelley · ·

    Very sad to see this, and the article says the surviving horses were transferred to another trailer – so likely they went on to Quebec, or will be soon. Every week, horses are transferred by double decker from Lindsay (Jeff Grof’s property) to Richelieu slaughter plant in Quebec. These trailers are not suited for horses and maneuvering these big trucks and trailers have to be difficult and hazardous. We’ve seen 2 other double decker accidents already this month – in Orangeville and Toronto – where both trailers flipped and hundreds of pigs died and were injured.
    Thank goodness the trailer in Lindsay did not flip – there would have been far more injuries and casualties. Prayers for all the horses.

  8. *Sandra* · ·

    OMG! My arms just fell, i feel weak, to hear and see this….pause. I grab my head, and cry! pause. What is a double-decker doing in Canada, transporting horses to a slaughter-house!? Poor Horses, poor driver of car!… Another Peterbuilt Truck, who owns this again? I,m out of words for the moment….sigh. 😦 4;00pm

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