Mayor Paula Bacon again speaks out against horse slaughter

Paula Bacon was the mayor of Kaufman, TX for several years.  Kaufman, TX was the home of one of the last US horse slaughterhouses.

Mayor Bacon continues to speak out publicly about the perils of the horse slaughter industry.

 Here she addresses voters about a candidate who profited from horse slaughter.

More innocents await their fate at Dallas Crown, Kaufman, TX


OPINION: Question for Archuleta County Voters From Pogosa Springs, Colorado

 Paula Bacon | 9/27/10

I am the former mayor of Kaufman, Texas where one of the nation’s last horse slaughter plants was finally closed in 2007.

I just learned that J. Paul Brown is running to represent your district in the Colorado state legislature. I think it is important for people to know that J. Paul Brown brought horses to Texas and sold them to the slaughter plant during 2004 and 2005 (years that by chance I have documents for). 

I wonder if people in District 59 can support the values and judgment of someone who took Colorado horses, where horse slaughter is not practiced, and brought them to Texas (where horse slaughter has since been declared illegal).
Please let me explain, as a mayor whose city served as nothing more than a door mat for this shoddy and cruel industry, why I believe voters might want to consider candidate J. Paul Brown carefully.
Horse slaughter is a foreign driven operation that supplies horse meat for human consumption overseas, with an appalling record and a wholly negative economic impact in its host communities.  The horse slaughter plant in my community violated environmental regulations continually, thwarted economic development, created significant financial burdens directly and indirectly–and once our “dirty little secret” was learned–established a broadly negative reputation for my community. It is not good at all to be the place that slaughters people’s pet and companions for consumption overseas.
Some would say that horse slaughter is a “necessary evil,” or a service. That is simply not true. The USDA reports that over 92% of horses sent to slaughter are in good to excellent condition, less than 10 years old, and without behavioral problems.  And the conditions and treatment of these horses prior to slaughter are horrific. In a document covering the plant’s operation for just 11 months, the USDA released 900 pages, made up almost entirely of photographs documenting terrible injuries. 

I still get the calls. Not long ago a couple contacted me about horses they had taken to auction.  They realized too late that their mares were bought by a self-described “killer buyer” who takes horses to slaughter.  Other times I get calls from people whose horses have been stolen. The motto of the horse slaughter plant that Brown took horses to was, “From the stable to the table in 4 days.”

Given the facts behind this cruel practice, it makes me wonder why J. Paul Brown would willingly engage in it. Veterinarians for Equine Welfare unambiguously assert that horse slaughter is in no way euthanasia, but a predatory, cruel business for horses and for people. Mr. Brown apparently was willing to travel over to Texas to seek out the horse slaughter plant, something Colorado has wisely avoided hosting.
Powerful proponents of horse slaughter have been pushing some state legislatures to pass laws promoting taxpayer-subsidized horse slaughter. Will J. Paul Brown carry the water for the special interests of the foreign horse slaughter market to try and promote this exploitative practice in Colorado?
If Mr. Brown supports the slaughter of American horses to gratify the appetites of French consumers, I wonder, are you comfortable with his decision making and his representation of you?

Like the slaughterhouse in Kaufman, the two major horse slaughterhouses in Canada are foreign owned by the Bouvry family of France.

Read more about Mayor Bacon’s experiences when horse slaughter comes to town at:


  1. I pray jpaul brown does not make the senate we will be in alot of trouble…………or i should say our horses will be, he lives around the corner from me, he makes me sick.

  2. Please stop this crime.

  3. This makes me sad to see people do this to animals. I love horse with all my hart. I wish I could win the lottery so I can help them out. Those people that kill animals are sick and they need to be killed the same way they kill the animals.

  4. Sounds like your not in the know, south korea beat their dogs with pipes, hang them in a tree first of course, they say it makes the meat better and stirs up a chemical in their system that when eaten inhances the male sex drive, they boil the cats alive for the same purpose, the markets of dogs and cats in cages is a awful sight , they allow you to pick your animal and then torture it for you , they cut it up while still alive and package it for you to take home.Look up the dog eating web, its bad, the only thing you said that is good, is yes laws should be serious about breeding ect.

  5. So I have a problem with everyone on here throwing a fit saying this is wrong and horrific and we shouldn’t stand for it. People this has been happening to dogs and cats for years (not getting eaten of course but cruelty eventually leading to euthanasia)!! I have never seen this amount of outrage against it. People have told me I am a horrible human being for supporting this and to clean the air I would NEVER send my animals to slaughter. I am a very responsible pet owner and love my animals dearly. Now, people have told me this is unacceptable and they won’t stand for it. My question always is, what would you do differently to combate our over population of animals (not just horses but, dogs and cats as well)? I have gotten all sorts of answers that are extremely impractical or no answer at all. I am open to suggestions. People have told me the reopening of slaughter houses will promote careless breeding and stealing. My comment is your fools. Stealing might happen more (I pray it doesn’t) but, that just tells me how bad our ecomony is. As for careless breeding, it has been going on for years and that has lead to over population of all pets (dogs, cats, and now horses) that we are currently seeing now. One the other hand I do believe that they need stricter laws and regulations (including banning certain drugs like in cattle and other food animals) and they need to ENFORCE them alot more. I think people main problem with it is either they are poorly educated on the subject or they can’t bare the thought of someone eating their horse.

    1. shazzy · ·

      It is WRONG this shouldn’t be happening and may i point out we are the species who is overpopulating the earth, yes there are other animals that are causing overpopulation problems but we should not slaughter them like that but humanely

  6. what are those cold hearted so called men going to do when there is no more horses left .what will they kill next .they have no right to kill and do the thing that they do to them be for they kill them .i hope and pray to god that they stop those killers.please be careful when you sell your horse because those cold hearted so called men are out there.they will tell you one thing and do a different thing. please help stop those bad people

  7. Thank you Paula Bacon for your continued support for OUR horses on the issues. God Bless you

    1. Shelby Hope · ·

      i feel so sorry for the horses all over and disopointed of what killers have done to them 😦

  8. beverly · ·

    paula bacon just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and still doing i live next town over from ignacio co where jpaul brown lives , he makes me sick to look at him, i own two horses and wish to go cack to ky where i can have a horse rescue, thank you so much for all your insight and info on this horrible nightmare, all revolving aroun cash, its never enough, and the man upstairs is watching us all, i will try to speak out about district 59 brown he is on the radio stating that his opponet is a liar speaking badly of him, sometimes you can just see the evil on someones face and they dont even know it, love you for who you are beverly in durango colorado

  9. Sadly, Sandra, humans have a short memory and live only for their own purpose. Isn’t it amazing to realize this when on a one-to-one level, no one I ever talk to seems like this? Who, then, are these people who perpertrate such acrocities? Horses and dogs are the most giving, most social and most loving of all land mammels (cats are good guys, but just not as much so as horses and dogs). Why should they want to love us when we are so cruel? I am not a biblical oriented person, but surely the companionship of these animals is a lesson that God – if that is the word perfered) – has sent us in order for us to learn our life’s lessons in this existance. How we treat them is how we treat fellow humans. And sadly, there are way to many human incarcerated to prove that we, homo sapiens, are not a perfect creature. I have posted a link to this article on my blog Hoofbeats, a blog I write for the Houston Chronicle online.

  10. I am so glad to hear a legislator, Ms. Bacon, albeit no longer a mayor of Kaufman, Tx steps up to say what we the people feel. We are all working very hard to bring the message to our government who chooses to igonore what seems to be an obvious wrongdoing. Horses have helped us to build this country, carried us from the East to settle the West, have farmed our homesteads, carried our wounded and victors in battle, brought us our mail, and even have brought us entertainment. How we can feel it is humane on any level to betray these companions who have worked so hard to further us and our objectives? It is in its essence un human. Are we that exploitive that there is nothing better for our horses than a captive bolt which hopefully hits its mark the first time or a literal knive in the back and slaughtered alive?

  11. I totally agree with Paula Bacon and firmly believe that horse slaughter must stop. This inhumane treatment of these beautiful and majestic creatures, who do harm to no one, is an act of cruelty that should not be allowed. Our laws are to protect not murder. Shame on anyone that thinks otherwise.

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