Quebec multi-species meat plant gets loan for renos


9/26/2010 11:15:00 PM

A multi-species slaughter plant in western Quebec’s Outaouais region will get a federal loan worth up to $2 million for renovations expected to help boost its throughput.

Les Viandes de la Petite Nation, based at St-Andre-Avellin, about 60 km northeast of Gatineau, will get its funds through the federal Slaughter Improvement Program, which loans funds to cover up to 50 per cent of eligible costs for upgrades at Canadian red meat packing and processing plants.

The plant, built over four years and opened in 2007, is designed and licensed for slaughter and processing of “up to 10” species of meat animals including beef cattle, sheep, hogs, bison, horses and deer.

According to the company, the federally-inspected plant is designed to handle up to 40,000 carcasses per year, as well as both halal and kosher services.

“This expansion will allow us to better service the many farmers and local markets in our region as well as increase our export capabilities,” company president Douglas Harpur said in a federal government release Friday.

The program’s interest-free, repayable contribution is to go toward increasing the plant’s capacity and a “variety of projects to improve operations,” such as upgrades to its water treatment system, expansion of freezer capacity, a new ventilation system and other plant modifications.

Quebec MP Jean-Pierre Blackburn, the federal minister of state for agriculture, said the funds will allow the company, as the region’s only federally-inspected multi-species processor, to “continue to provide much-needed slaughter service in the Outaouais region.”

“Total respect”

Spawned from Cerf de Boileau, a deer farm in the region, Petite Nation first took over another local plant in 2002, after which its operators agreed to build new, given the costs of the upgrades needed at its first facility.

The company notes its three-year-old plant includes the “most modern” animal handling system in Canada, designed by the U.S. livestock handling expert Temple Grandin. “Total respect and consideration are given to the animals in order to minimize stress,” the company said on its website.

Ottawa’s slaughter improvement program, set in motion in 2009, saw its $50 million budget boosted this spring by $10 million from the federal Agricultural Flexibility Fund for the 2010-11 program year.

The program’s funding criteria favour projects designed to improve plant efficiency, allow for new product development, processing practices or technologies, and/or boost slaughter capacity in regions of Canada where a “demonstrated regional gap… is constraining sector growth.”

Eligible activities must be completed by March 31, 2012; eligible costs must have been incurred no earlier than April 2009.


  1. SO….. Mr. cie “LPN” in Quebec canada, what do you have to say to the latest reports and video showing how cruel & inhumun our horses are slaughtered at your death-factory!? Gouverments loaned you $2 million back in 2010, for what! To spend more money on Captive-bolt-guns that must cost a pretty penny in retractable nails, which must be adminstrated up to 11 times in the horse,s head and sides!? Humm? Shame on you LPN and all slaughter-plants. Why can,t we put our hardly worked Tax dollars to saving the Horse,s lives or open low-cost gelding clinics or simply donating to rescues, who i,m sure need all the extra cash to feed and/cure abused neglected Horses. What do ya think!? R.I.P to the Horses. 2011

  2. This is emotional pain beyond belief to know this is happening to them!!!! Laws need to CHANGE NOW! THIS IS BEYOND SHAME!!!!!!!!!!~

  3. Who were congressional folks that put bill out for horse slaughter

  4. Please know that there are MANY people in the US working to end the slaughter of horses – for human consumption. We have Mr. Obama and his gang to thank for this as they have pushed this forward….Obama’s – Department of the Interior boss is big landowner out west and is surely part of this push to rid the west of it’s wild horse population. A disgusting decision and process by government to allow this to pass in the US…..Many here had huge outcry as Food Channel’s program – “Top Chef” went to Canada to kill and cook a horse…….It was in Quebec, where else? The consumer of horses….

    1. I hate cooking show its always about …dead animals –
      pigs-cows-bull-lobsters that they put in boiling water- hens locked in a place they cant move-horses-etc etc duck: Foie gras …yurk all of this disgusting me
      I can see in my head the way they kill and torture those animals
      I would feel so guilty if Id eat those animals …R.I.P all of them

      *You dont need to eat dead animals to be healthy !!!!

  5. what can be done please guide me here!

  6. I am horrified! You citizens of Canada gotta get together and stop this slaughter!!!!!!!!!! Quit paying your taxes, ban the American horses from being brought over! Help save their lives!!!! OMG I am so beyond upset right now!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever has these beautiful innocent beings blood on their hands may they rot in hell!

    1. Kaycurious, we’re doing the best we can. Unlike the slaughter houses, Canadian horse advocates fund campaigns from our own pockets and with volunteer labour. While dodging threats by those who benefit from slaughter. Not paying taxes would only land advocates in laborious audits and possibly in jail. This is not Boston in the 1700’s.

      We’re incapable of “banning” US horses. Americans must work on that issue through demanding HR 503 be passed. Please let us know what you’re doing to that end. We’re always encouraged by hearing of positive actions by our American horse advocate friends.

      1. Suzanne Moore · ·

        I’m in the US. HR503 was last year’s attempt. We now have HR2966/S1176, but they don’t have much chance of passing. All it takes is ONE person in committee to permanently block a bill – and that person doesn’t even have to identify himself/herself!

        Just a couple of weeks ago, budget was passed that allowed horse slaughter to return to the US – BUT I doubt seriously if any plants will actually be built here, but our situation is similar to yours. 80% of Americans are totally against this, but THREE legislators in a tiny “minibus” quietly tacked in onto the Federal Budget which even anti-slaughter reps had to sign.

        We have only begun to fight!

  7. “Total respect and consideration are given to the animals in order to minimize stress,” the company said on its website.”
    Oh, I would love to see the proof. The proof is in the proof, eh, Jean?
    If you can find layouts/drawings, Dr. Temple G’s stamp of approval, fine. Otherwise, forget it. Words mean little. Actual tangible evidence speaks volumes.
    (A government specialty, of course, is generating 7.5 times the amount of words necessary to impart a meaning.)

    Quebec’s agricultural sector has always been way more heavily subsidized by the feds. It’s the Canadian thing to do. It’s always been a sore spot with Ontario farmers.

    I’ll stick with CETFA, y’all. It’s the better place to start. Good luck, stay calm.
    But remember all of the other domestic animals, too, please.

    Because of our animal laws, one can keep a horse locked up, 24/7/365. Or a dog, or a chicken.

    Thank you, for the work you do.
    Good luck to the Animals.

    1. I agree ! Its so insane ! It makes me fell I gonna puke in the face of those killer buyers and sadists who owns and work in those HOUSE OF HORROR AND TORTURE

  8. (Please excuse the CAPS and Rage and communication):

    We are paying taxes for horse slaughter?!?!?!?!??!! Is the government wasted or something. MY ODSP IS PROBABLY BEING TAXED FOR THIS BULLCRAP!!! I am not paying tax for this at all!!!!! Why not use the tax for school programs for people with disabilities? Why not use the tax for health care? Why not use tax for support? Why not use tax for something that can make a positive difference? TAX IS NOT USED FOR SLAUGHTER AND THAT’S A FACT!!!! I HATE YOU HORSE SLAUGHTER CORPORATIONS!!!!! AND SAME TO THE GOVERNMENT, GROW UP!!!!!!

    I think we should all stop paying taxes for horse slaughter and let those companies suffer!

    I hope one day that scattered violent severe thunderstorms will hit those places with the slaughterhouses and get destroyed by an F4 or F5 tornado! I would get that on video because I am a Storm Watcher!

    Horses are not meant to be treated this way! AT ALL AND THAT’S A FACT!!!
    All they want is worthless money just to kill horses. WELL THAT MONEY DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU PEOPLE!!!!

    I think people working at the horse slaughterhouses and those working for the government that made up the “tax” idea need to have an MRI scan in a 3 Tesla (It can make you deaf without hearing protection) without hearing protection and to see if they have scrambled brains! The torture to their ears will prove a point of what they are doing to these poor horses.

    I have autism and I have an interest in horses and I treat them with love.
    And I have to support the slaughtering by tax?!?!?! Supporting the sight of blood which is my very severe phobia?!?!?! To kill my favourite animal?!?!?!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!

    These evil people slaughtering horses will rot in hell when they die! God bless the horses and the people who treat them with respect.

    DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE GUYS (The ones slaughtering horses and the government)!!!!!! I’m not going to do anything bad though but I am sick and tired of this s**t!

    1. WoW! Jordan;
      You hit the spot light! We understand and analyzed what goes on, behide these closed doors and I just shiver-up, talking about it, cause Its Not Right, at-all. Multy-missed bullet shots to these horse,s head, ain,t in my books at-all! You have to look at videos, Richilieu I-III, all three of them to understand. Sure don,t take a university diploma, to figure this out. I congrade your concerns for the Horses and I,m with ya, all the way. Its been going on for years NOW! and hasn,t changed! omg… R.I.P, you poor souls. (Qc.) ~~~~ (sandra ect)

    2. I think absolutely the same Jordan and I agre with you and Sandra ! People in every Canadian Provinces have to know, see and be informed about what is going on !
      Tax payers is laughing in your face …and the horse killers ( slaughtterhouses) needs everyone to become vegetarian! There is laws against animal crualty …hello SPCA ? Hello where are the laws ?
      Good trick raise your kids with the vegetarian way …good chances they wont ask to eat dead animals them pics of what really going on ..tell them that people who are working in slaughterhouses are sick in the head !
      They are disgusting people …what kind of person can go to bed with an animal abuser?
      The animal abuser and killer have the chance to do the same they do to animals (ABUSE YOU) Only think they can do is torture animals
      ~~~ R.I.P. Dear horses and other animals ~~~

  9. Kristina · ·

    This needs to stop, our poor innocent horses are suffering due to humans lack of responsibilities, horses don’t just breed them selves in Domestic areas (for the most part) usually humans are the ones breeding to make money, and end up having way to many horses then what they can provide for and handle and then they end up in slaughter houses like this! In my eyes there should be regulations stating that humans should have a license to breed horses even if its just one because the more horses we have in this world the more they are going to have to much horses per good homes, and the less good homes we have for these beautiful creatures the MORE likely they are to go to the slaughter houses. And the Standards at the slaughter houses should be monitored like every slaughter house weather it be for cows, chickens, sheep, deer. NO ANIMAL and I REPEAT NO ANIMAL should suffer! Every week they should have inspectors in that plant helping running it making sure it is done humanly i don’t want it done at all but if they are going to do it, and you know they will its better then being done IN-humanly…. I wish it wouldn’t happen at all but sadly enough it will happen until humans step up and stop breeding or kick this over the edge I’m done hearing about it, and the slaughter of horses needs to end, all the guys who do the job of slaughtering and treating these animals inhumanly are going to die a slow and painful death and suffer because god created horses for a reason, and it wasn’t to be slaughtered and poorly treated! Yes it is the Country’s fault because they should be monitoring these plants, but at the same time who to blame the most is the IRRESPONSIBLE HUMANS who breed the shit out of theses horses where are they going to go only so many people can afford horses or even want horses sadly enough. If I could save all the horses in the world, or if any other horse person could there will still be to many horses. Its just the fact of life that is awful….First off if your reading this and are interested in rescuing adopting a horse make sure that you can afford it and no how much they really are to take care of because its not just a cat or a dog its a really big responsibility and they depend on us! WE CAN DO THIS!!! LETS STAY POSITIVE ! ONE DAY HORSE SLAUGHTER WILL BE THE THING OF THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS ALL THE HORSES WHO ARE IN SLAUGHTER HOUSES OR BEING MISTREATED MAY THE PEOPLE PERFORMING THOSE ACTS GO TO HELL.

  10. how can u people do something so cruel to kill horses like that. You people are sick those horses dont deserve to be treated in that way!!!!

    1. Who are U people? Certainly not me as I find this an atrocity.

      And what about you? From the US perhaps? The US transports all of their horses over here to have them slaughtered so are part and parcel to these horrendous acts.

  11. This is disgusting, horrendous, appalling, unbelievable, atrocious, and sickening. Just to name a few things that comes to mind for me. Sandra stated it so well~~ WE NEED NURSES AND DOCTORS!!! WHAT is wrong with the government? Our society, our humanity is falling apart at it’s seams. Compassion and morality are nonexistent or only exists in a very very small number of humans. People need to wake up and realize this.

    1. Tks Pamela
      Ain,t seen no-good-changes since a while now.All our MP, looks at, is Transportation of animals. I don,t know anymore, then you do. Its just not right, but, we keep trying, keep getting kicked back, not so good. ohh boy

  12. Sandra ect. · ·

    I can,t believe this. These federal licensed establishments, are still operating, till this day, and are still being looked at, as a profitable buisness, Well, I,m shocked, that our goverments, approve of cruel, brutable,inhuman procedures to our Horses, just to get meat onto someone,s plate, and profit off our TAX Money, I think this is wrong. Why not put 2 $million dollars towards Nurses,Doctors and our Health System, instead, not that i want to mix things here, but, Come-On, this is getting out of hand. AND, when you call your MP, to dicuss nwe Bill C-544,,,They pretend, they don,t know what we,re talking about! Ain,t that Funny!?

  13. Jacquie Ackerly · ·

    This slaughter house does not meet humane standards, processes horses from the US that have suffered abusive treatment there. This facility is complicit in that treatment. It is not something i want Canadian tax dollars invested in.

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