Thoroughbreds at risk for slaughter in BC

The CHDC received the following email yesterday…..

I just wanted to pass along a message I just recieved from a good friend. I hate to think of perfectly good horses going to the plant only because the owner can’t keep them…seems so wrong.

Apparently there are a large group of horses located in Chase BC that need to be sold or re-homed before Monday (like before July 26th).  That is the day they will all be shipped to a killing plant. 

There are (according to my sources) a ton of beautiful young thoroughbreds 2 – 5 years old as well as brood mares. It sounds as though the breeding in general is very good, many by the Stallion Diamond Sword.

Upwards of 50 horses…

The owner has apprently run into some issues and is forced to disperse or ship the animals by this Monday, July 26th.

The horses are apparently available at meat price…and if not sold will become just that.

T Bar Ranch , Chase BC – Lee Oakford 250-679-5404 cell: 318-0392
TB’s, 25 horses left, 4 2yr old (2 fillys and 1 colt), 4yr colt, many 4-10yr mares/filly, anything older is track broke, 15.2-16hh well built TBs with good bone and nice muscle, chestnut/grey/bay/black, all mares open.
Many are Mr. Prospector bred and his current stallion is Night of the Gallick. His previous stallion was Diamond Sword, and many of his kept back mares are by him. Kentucky bred mares who throw high price foals 
Monday everything goes for meat. $500 per horse.

For pictures of these poor horses please go to:


  1. Lori Donner · ·

    Where these horses saved ??

  2. Ken Lovering · ·

    Any animal horse, human whatever, should be treated with respect after they are done their job in life.

    1. Replying to Ken,s message above,,GOOD MESSAGE! You took the words right out of my mind. Sorry, but, People, and they know who they are, have to get more responsible also, for their own actions, these days. To much of this buisness, of horse breeding in the world is happening and most of it, ending up with,,OH! i can,t keep them anymore…_-_-_Well, until new law C-544 comes through once & for all, horses end up for meat and this ain,t a pretty thing to know, so, pay for your actions & get it done properly by Vets, or don,t do it at all!! Sincerly; Me 🙂

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